Pinterest Now Tracks Everybody by Default, but You Can Opt Out

Pinterest now supports Do Not Track. But it’s also going to track people more.

Twitter Unveils Its Ad Retargeting Effort

Another social network looks to retargeting to boost revenue.


How and Why We Track: Confessions of an Ad “Tracking” Company

By most estimates, the first online ad appeared roughly 20 years ago. As a technology, cookies have been used for almost as long.

Enliken Wants to Help You Sell Your Browsing Data to Your Favorite Content Provider

Privacy nuts, we’ll see you in the comments section.


They Know What You’re Shopping For

Georgia resident Andy Morar is in the market for a BMW. So recently he sent a note to a showroom near Atlanta, using a form on the dealer’s website to provide his name and contact information.


Professor to Try to Salvage Troubled “Do Not Track” Deal

Web users who want to turn off tracking must install tracking files from more than 100 companies.

Yahoo Dings “Do Not Track” Default (And Search Partner Microsoft)

Is the honeymoon over?

Google Finally Adds Do-Not-Track Support in Latest Test Version of Chrome

Do Not Track aims to help users opt out of being tracked across Web sites for the purposes of targeted advertising.

News Byte

Facebook Beats Its Own Quarterly Lobbying Spending Record

Facebook spent $960,000 on lobbying Congress in the second quarter, according to a recent disclosure filing. That’s the most the company has spent on lobbying in a single quarter, as National Journal notes. Among the issues lobbied were various consumer privacy acts, do-not-track legislation and the Global Online Freedom Act. Google also broke its own second-quarter record, spending close to $4 million.

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz on Privacy, Do Not Track, Facebook and Google (Video)

Privacy policies should be like the nutrition guide on cereal boxes, says FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz.

FTC Calls for “Privacy by Design”