Nintendo Lowers Wii U Price to $300, Takes the “3D” Out of 3DS With New 2DS Model

Nintendo’s 3DS handheld device was just ranked the top-selling game system in the U.S. Now the company is introducing a cheaper one.
Nintendo 2DS

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NPD: Nintendo 3DS Was the Best-Selling Video Game System in the U.S. in June

Nintendo sold 225,000 units of its portable game console, the Nintendo 3DS, in June. That’s according to market research firm NPD, which called the 3DS the best-selling video game system in the U.S. that month. Its main competitor in gaming-specific handhelds is Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which has historically lagged behind the 3DS in sales. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 140,000 units in June, while Sony has not disclosed how many PS3s it moved.

Nintendo’s Iwata Blames Slow Wii U Sales on Software Gaps, Says Mobile Isn’t Impacting Industry

And if you ever dreamed of playing Super Mario Bros. on the iPhone, you’re still out of luck.

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Nintendo Says 3DS-Exclusive Games Are Selling Better Than They Were Last Year

One P.S. to that IDC/App Annie report from this morning: Mobile games may be pulling in more money than those on “gaming-optimized handhelds,” but Nintendo doesn’t want you to count it out yet. The company said in a press release that games made exclusively for its most recent handheld device, 2011’s Nintendo 3DS, sold twice as well in the first four months of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012. It took 18 weeks to sell two million units of “first-party software” for the 3DS, vs. 30 weeks last year, according to the press release.

With Miiverse Apps, Nintendo Will Finally Venture Onto Smartphones

A Miiverse social networking app will be the first app ever developed by the game maker.

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The Nintendo Wii Still Managed to Outsell the 3DS in 2011

Nintendo released sales figures for 2011 today, reporting that its hot seller continued to be the Wii. The Wii sold 4.5 million units, and in close second was the new portable game unit, the Nintendo 3DS, which sold four million units. In last place was the older Nintendo DS family, which sold more than 3.4 million units. Hardware sales were fueled by Nintendo’s own first-party software titles, like Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii, which have all sold more than one million titles.

Will New Games and Pink Hues Give Nintendo 3DS a Needed Boost?

Nintendo is hoping more Mario — and pretty colors — will help the gaming giant’s 3-D device.

Nintendo DS Outsells 3-D Version After First Full Month of Sales

The original Nintendo DS family continued to outsell the Nintendo 3DS during the first full month the glasses-free 3-D handheld gaming unit was for sale.

Will Sales of the Nintendo 3DS Surprise?

The Nintendo 3DS, which allows players to see 3-D images without special glasses, will go on sale in the U.S. on Sunday for $250. Early signs indicate that the game units will fly off the shelves.

Risks of Children Viewing 3-D Fading Into The Background In Time for Nintendo's Handheld Launch

With less than a week to go before Nintendo launches the 3DS in the U.S., safety concerns about whether children should view the three-dimensional images have largely disappeared–right before our eyes.

Another Wiif for Nintendo

Apple to Sony, Nintendo: Game Over, Man

PS3, Xbox, Wii and…iPhone?