How to Escape the Dark Valley of Your Hadoop Journey

If the project mantra is “stand up, rinse and repeat,” it’s the “repeat” part that proves challenging.

Finding an Inexpensive Phone Upgrade

Walt answers readers’ questions on finding an inexpensive upgrade to a Nokia Lumia phone.

Still Seeking to Shake Up Mobile Market, FreedomPop Also Looks to Rattle Home Broadband

The company plans to bring its same free and low-cost approach to mobile broadband and take on the Verizons and AT&Ts of the world.


AT&T Web Customers Face Data Cap

AT&T Inc. said Sunday that it will begin to cap DSL data usage for its Internet customers and implement charges for anyone who goes over the limit.

Oh, Speaking of Broadband–What the Hell Is It?

Before the Federal Communications Commission begins doling out the $7.4 billion in federal grants up for grabs through national broadband stimulus programs, the agency must answer an important question: What is broadband? And so, in a public notice issued today, the Commission is requesting “tailored” public comment on what the definition of broadband should be.

Time Warner Cable Backs Off Pay-Per-Byte Broadband Billing

That was quick. Time Warner Cable is shelving plans to charge its Internet customers based on usage. For now, that is. The cable giant had planned on charging customers in four locations on a “consumption” plan in which they’d pay between $15 to $150 a month based on the amount of data they hoovered via the Web. But noisy opposition to the plan surfaced immediately and has been getting louder over the past few weeks.

Getting Faster Internet Service

In this week’s installment of Mossberg’s Mailbox, Walt talks to a reader about the benefits offered by a faster processor in comparison to the advantages of a faster Internet connection. And for anyone who’s thought of moving from the PC version or Quicken to the Mac version, read Walt’s suggestions first.

Surf the Skies at DSL Speeds–Assuming Your Laptop Hasn't Been Confiscated by the TSA

American Airlines rolled out its take on cloud computing today, becoming the first airline in the U.S. to offer full in-flight broadband access. Dubbed “GoGo” and provided by AirCell, the service is available for a flat $12.95 fee on flights between New York and San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, and New York and Miami.


Qwest CEO Mueller: VZ Wireless Migration Going Well

Qwest (Q) CEO Ed Mueller says the company’s migration of its wireless service offering to Verizon (VZ) is going smoothly. Qwest is switching from selling a Qwest-branded wireless service in which it resold service from Sprint (S) to a co-branded offering from Verizon; the company started rolling out its new Verizon by Qwest wireless service two weeks ago.


Comcast Kicking The Telcos All Over The Field

Comcast (CMCSA) is simply crushing its telco competitors. Consider a few data points. As I noted this morning, Comcast today disclosed that it added 555,000 new phone customers in the June quarter (499,000 when you back out losses in their circuit-switched segment), along with 278,000 high speed Internet customers and 320,000 digital cable customers.

Vodafone Slags T-Mobile iPhone Deal

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