Revolving Door: Yahoo Departures Begin, Even as Mayer’s Team Still TBD

Round and round it goes — as the Silicon Valley’s best Internet drama turns!

More Money for Mobile Ads: Medialets Raises Another $8.4 Million

Meanwhile, what about Adobe’s move to dump mobile Flash? “It’s an awesome opportunity for Adobe to make lots of money,” says Medialets CEO Eric Litman.

You Can Now Buy an Unlocked iPhone 4 (Though You Might Want to Think Twice)

For those who really want an iPhone 4 to run on T-Mobile, there is now an official method for doing so, though the phone can only run on an older, slower data network. The biggest use for the pricey, unlocked version of the phone is likely to be for frequent international travellers that wan’t the ability to easily pop in a new SIM card, rather than pay AT&T’s high international roaming and data rates.


Ford Uses Wi-Fi to Customize Cars

The auto industry is getting fired up about wireless technology in cars and trucks but it’s not just for connecting passengers’ laptops or streaming Internet radio stations.

Lenovo Rethinks Design and Price of the ThinkPad

Walt says the X100e and the Edge offer relatively low-price and colorful alternatives to the traditional model, without too many compromises of its keyboard.

You've Got to Approve Rhapsody for iPhone, Steve. Don't Be Pigheaded…Ow! Hey! Stop Hitting Me!

RealNetworks has submitted to Apple a free application that will bring its $15-a-month Rhapsody subscription music service to anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch and an EDGE, 3G, or Wi-Fi connection–assuming it’s approved by Apple, which is anything but a sure thing at this point.


Broadcom: Charter Equity Turns Bullish; Cites Nokia Deal

Charter Equity Research analyst Edward Snyder today lifted his rating on Broadcom to Buy from Market Perform. In his research note, Snyder said he expects to see an increase this fall in the company’s revenue from the wireless segment as volumes rise in shipments of EDGE system-on-a-chip components to Nokia for its low-end phones.

The "Billionaires' Dinner" at TED: Readjusted for the 2009 Econalyspe

Many years ago in the midst of the Web 1.0 boom, when working as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, BoomTown redubbed an annual dinner that book agent John Brockman threw at the TED conference. It was jokingly called the “Millionaires’ Dinner,” but I renamed it the “Billionaires’ Dinner.” That was due to the frothy fortunes that had been made at the time by the Internet pioneers, from Amazon to AOL to eBay. Get it?!? Well, despite the economic meltdown, there were still a lot of billionaires in attendance at Brockman’s most recent dinner last Thursday in Long Beach. But he recounted to me that the proceedings were a lot more focused on the serious times we are in, as was the whole digerati-packed conference held last week.

BlackBerry Bold Is Big, Bulky And Beautiful

Change is a familiar concept in the mobile-phone industry. Most recently, Apple and Google introduced mobile devices with two vital innovations: They run on fast 3G networks and use touch screens. Yesterday Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, brought out a device that goes halfway: the BlackBerry Bold, which runs on AT&T’s 3G network, but doesn’t have a touch screen.

BlackBerry Bold to Rival iPhone in 3G Reception Issues

If misery loves company, then Apple may have a friend in RIM. A Citigroup analyst who has tested the company’s forthcoming BlackBerry Bold claims that the device is troubled by 3G reception woes similar to those plaguing Apple’s new handset. A noteworthy data point, since Bold will initially run on AT&T’s wireless network, just as the iPhone does.

iPhoneDevCamp 2

3G iPhone in Europe? Nix, Nicht, Nein, Non!