How and Why HP Is Making a Long-Term Bet in Greece. Yes, Greece.

The ancient port city of Piraeus is just what HP needed to cut costs in Europe.

Yahoo to Shutter Cairo Office to “Streamline Operations” Globally

Yahoo closes up shop in Egypt.

Never Mind, Iran: Facebook and Twitter Are Blocked Again

A technical glitch, not a change in attitude.

As Egypt Erupts in Political Tumult, Twitter Translates High-Profile Tweeters

Twitter’s translation experiment continues as the Middle East undergoes major political upheavals.


The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution

How do you explain to people that they are a YouTube sensation, when they have never heard of YouTube or the Internet?

Egyptian Court Gives YouTube A Time Out Over Controversial Film

An Egyptian court orders YouTube blocked for a month.


Google and Boston Consulting Group Partner for a Study of a Potential New Internet Economy

Two years after the Arab uprisings, the Internet is quietly and increasingly growing as a central platform of economic development around the globe.

Syrian Internet Outage Raises Question “Could It Happen Here?”

Short Answer: It depends on where you live.

Syria Has Disappeared From the Internet

Not a good sign.


YouTube Blocks Anti-Islam Video in Egypt, Libya

Google Inc.’s YouTube unit said it blocked a controversial video that negatively depicts the Prophet Muhammad from appearing in Muslim countries including Libya and Egypt, where anti-American riots took place in recent days.