Jon Rubinstein Joins Board of Qualcomm, as Mobile Chipmaker Ups Its Silicon Valley Cred

The longtime mobile exec is a high-profile appointment.

FTV, Elevation Put $38 Million Into Advertising Dashboard MarketShare

The company that helps direct $50 billion in ad spending has more cash for itself.

Elevation Partners’ Roger McNamee Slams Android, Microsoft and Yahoo in One Fell Scoop

Digging specifically at Android, McNamee said that it is akin to “having a motor scooter at the Indianapolis 500.”

Is That French?

Excuse my French, it was a clusterfuck. It’s like you had a chance to win the Super Bowl and you didn’t show up for the game.

— Elevation Partners Roger McNamee, about the Facebook IPO

Sonos Raises $135 Million From KKR, Redpoint, Elevation

Some of the money for wireless music systems maker will be used for growth.

E3 Interview: EA’s Riccitiello Promises to Make “Eyeballs Peel”

The game business is booming. But the industry’s traditional leader has stumbled. It’s going to get its mojo back, says CEO John Riccitiello.

The Wall Street Death March?

I think going public today is almost like a Bataan death march. I think Wall Street — this will insult many people — but I think in many ways it bears a resemblance to organized crime. It is legal today what they do, but what they do is manifestly unfair.

Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners, in conversation with Bloomberg Television’s Margaret Brennan

The State of Social Sharing With Fred Wilson, Roger McNamee and More (Video)

Here’s a panel I did last week at the Privacy Identity Innovation conference that took place on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley, called “Social Sharing and the Data-Driven Economy.”

News Byte

Goldman Sachs Bets $20 Million on a Facebook-Powered Media Buying Platform

Networked Insights has now raised $30 million, and says it helps steer $5 billion worth of media buying.

History Repeats Itself at Hewlett-Packard webOS Unit

Leaked internal memos elucidate Hewlett-Packard’s plans for the future — such as it is — for the different pieces of its webOS business.