Cisco Warns That 2014 Is Going to Be a Tough Year

After a tough quarter, analysts are surprised by the negative look ahead.

Many Questions for Michael Dell on Going Private, and What’s Next

In an interview, Dell’s founding CEO and soon-to-be majority owner sounds an aggressive tone.

Does Apple Really Need a Less-Expensive iPhone Right Now?

Why bother chasing lower-margin phone sales when there’s still a significant opportunity in high-margin ones?

Apple’s iPhone 5c: $99 With a Two-Year Contract, $549 Unlocked

One word: Plastics.

News Byte

Maxthon Partners With Android Chipmaker to Preload Mobile Browser in Emerging Markets

Maxthon announced today that, via a new partnership with RollTech, the mobile version of its alternative Web browser will be preloaded onto more than 100 million smartphones in 2014. RollTech is a subsidiary of MediaTek, the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer that claims to be the third-largest global supplier of chipsets for Android devices. Maxthon hopes to build inroads with customers in emerging markets where Internet penetration is currently low but improving thanks to the increasing affordability of mobile devices.

The BlackBerry Q5’s Next Emerging Market? Canada.

BlackBerry’s new Q5 will launch in the company’s homeland on August 13.

Google Play Had More App Downloads in Q2 Than iOS, but the Money Is Still on Apple’s Side

Downloads! Monetization! And a viral video of cartoon characters being horribly, hilariously killed.

Kenya’s Juliana Rotich Shows Off the Small BRCK That Solves a Big Problem

Ushahidi’s co-founder shows a prototype of the device, which acts as a backup connection to the Internet in spots where connectivity and power are spotty.


Broadcom Seeks Push From Emerging Markets

U.S. chip designer Broadcom Corp. is moving to tap the fast-growing market for low-cost smartphones by forming partnerships with local carriers and handset makers in emerging markets.


Mozilla Plans Smartphones for Emerging Markets

Mozilla Corp., the company behind the popular Firefox Web browser, plans to team up with phone manufacturers to launch smartphones priced below $50 in emerging markets.