“Crowdfunding” Gets State-Level Test Run

Officials in nearly a dozen states have enacted or proposed new laws — or tweaked existing policies — to make it possible for resident entrepreneurs to secure financing from everyday local investors, also known as “equity crowdfunding.”


Inside China’s Version of Silicon Valley

On the outside, China’s answer to Silicon Valley doesn’t look the part: It’s a crowded mass of electronics malls, fast-food joints and office buildings in northwest Beijing, bisected by congested highways.


Cash Flow and Destiny

Until you generate cash, you must heed investors, even when they are wrong.

Media Matters to Startups at Matter Demo Day

Graduation day for the inaugural class of San Francisco media accelerator Matter featured six startups pitching products to major venture capital firms and angels.

Making It to CES on a Kickstarter and a Dream

The crowdfunding platform is bringing many new entrepreneurs to the world-famous electronics trade show.


“Hi, I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”

What one arm of government giveth, another arm can quickly taketh away.


Venture Capital to Suppress Its Appetite for Risk in 2013

Internet entrepreneurs have had the upper hand over venture capitalists in recent years but that balance of power is now showing some signs of shifting, a trend that could accelerate in 2013.

Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Early Days: Go Hard or Go Home

The Facebook CEO gives sage advice to a crowd of young entrepreneurs.


The Venture Capital Secret: Three Out of Four Start-Ups Fail

It looks so easy from the outside. An entrepreneur with a hot technology and venture-capital funding becomes a billionaire in his 20s. But now there is evidence that venture-backed start-ups fail at far higher numbers than the rate the industry usually cites.


Overly Optimistic Things Entrepreneurs Say

Entrepreneurs possess an extreme optimism. Sometimes a little too extreme.