Dick Costolo Wrote the Twitter Playbook — Two Years Before He Joined the Company

Take a peek into the Twitter chief’s pre-Twitter mentality on startups, management and more.


10 Million Jobs in 10 Years

“10 for 10” proposes that the government join forces with the American business and entrepreneurship community to create 10 million new U.S. jobs in the next 10 years.

Q&A: Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell on Innovation, the “Next Steve Jobs” and Why Mobile Games Are “Over”

Also, why Google Glass is the next big thing in gaming.

News Byte

Matter Accelerator Announces First Class of Media Startups

Matter, an accelerator centered around for-profit media entrepreneurship, announced today the first six startups that will receive a $50,000 investment and three months of mentorship in San Francisco. The startups are: YouTube analytics platform ChannelMeter, news discovery app InkFold, citizen watchdog-journalism project OpenWatch, text-to-audio newsreader SpokenLayer, video playlist builder/broadcaster Station Creator, and “interactive storytelling” project Zeega. Matter’s partners and backers include the Knight Foundation, KQED and PRX. Its CEO, Corey Ford, spoke with AllThingsD in December about those partners and the accelerator’s goals.

Giving Girls a Startup Chance in Silicon Valley

Welcome to Entrepreneurial Night for the Girls Middle School.

Interview: Corey Ford, CEO of Media Accelerator Matter Ventures

The story behind the accelerator’s name change of this new-media experiment.

Adeo Ressi’s Theory of Quantified Entrepreneurship

“We take people off the streets and turn them into entrepreneurs,” says Adeo Ressi of the Founder Institute.

I Wanna Be Funded

Back in the ’70s, everyone wanted to start a band. Now everyone wants to start companies, especially here in San Francisco.

Caterina Fake, in an interview with AmEx Forum’s Katie Morell

The F Word

In my mind, the ones who have no fear of failure are merely the dreamers, and the dreamers don’t build great companies.

Joe Kraus, an investing partner at Google Ventures, from a story about failure in Silicon Valley by Melissa Block of NPR’s All Things Considered

What Happened to the Future?

To many investors, visionary entrepreneurs come off as naïve or worse — isn’t it safer/easier/more profitable to create a(nother) social network for cat fanciers than to try to cure cancer, defeat terrorism, or organize the world’s information?

Bruce Gibney, in a post on the Founders Fund Web site entitled “What Happened to the Future?”