Former Groupon President and COO Solomon Joins Accel Partners

Every time a bell rings, a VC gets its wings.

Zynga Rejiggers Comp in a Bid to Retain Top Execs and Tie to Performance

Money makes the world go around, but can it turn around the online gaming giant?


Negotiating Private Equity: How Women Startup Founders Can Ensure Their Fair Share

If you are willing to put skin in the game and take a risk in joining a startup, you should also benefit along the way by virtue of your performance.

Exclusive: SurveyMonkey Raises $800 Million in Debt and Equity for Tender Offer — Including New Investment From Google’s New Late-Stage Unit

Ruling out an IPO in the near future, it is one of the largest private equity raises for an Internet company.

Small Is Beautiful: Greycroft Partners Raises $175 Million in Third Fund

The New York- and Los Angeles-based firm said it wants to make sure its does not get caught up in the froth.

The $56 Million Man: Yahoo Confirms Hiring of Google’s De Castro as COO

Yes, that’s a lot of dough for the multi-lingual sales exec.

OnLive Bought by, Um, OnLive (Via Former Investor Lauder Partners)

Some answers, but still many questions, in the odd restructuring of the much-hyped cloud-gaming service. But basically: OnLive is dead! Long live OnLive!

Warren Buffett Goes Bigger on Big Blue, Bails Out of Intel

The legendary investor hardly gets to know the world’s biggest chipmaker, but remains IBM’s largest single shareholder.

Mayer to Get Close to $60 Million (And Maybe More) in Overall Compensation for Yahoo’s Top Job

Memo from the Department of the Internet Rich Get Richer!

Yahoo Bored Meeting? Not This Time!