Yahoo’s Former GC Callahan Places His Bid With Online Real Estate Marketplace

The self-effacing lawyer is ripe for some disruption in an old industry.

Things Get Emotional on the Front Stoop

Little value for journalists or their readership is created in the race to be first. We need a media that races to be right.

Dave Pell, in a blog post entitled “Get Off My Stoop”

Yahoo’s Parting With Thompson Will Be for “Cause” (aka CSLie)

And not cancer, as unfortunate as the timing is for the ousted Yahoo CEO.

They Shoot Yahoo CEOs, Don’t They? But Not Without a Really Smoking Gun and a Much Stronger Board.

While many across the blogosphere — including some very clever tweets — called for the head of Scott Thompson tout de suite, that’s just not going to happen. At least for now. And here’s why.

High Five to — Happy Birthday to Us

No presents but your presence, dear readers.


News Corp. Chief Faces Inquiry

With a fresh political scandal swirling around his global media conglomerate here, News Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch faced questioning Wednesday before a public press-ethics inquiry about whether he used the company to call in political favors and push his commercial interests.


Twitter Can Censor by Country

Twitter Inc. says it can now make content selectively available to users based on geography, and plans to use that ability to enter countries with “different ideas” about freedom of expression as a human right — reflecting the difficult ethical questions facing Internet companies.

Introducing Lauren Goode

Meet our newest AllThingsD writer, who will cover consumer tech products and issues.

Mike Arrington, AOL Employee, Won’t Have “Influence on Coverage,” Says AOL

You thought a story about Mike Arrington would be clean and easy? Ha. Here’s the latest.

CrunchFund? Unethical Ventures? Pig Pile Partners? No Matter What You Call It, It’s Business as Usual in Silicon Valley.

It’s a giant, filthy mud puddle of conflicts of interest in Silicon Valley, but everybody’s in the cesspool, it seems.

TwitterGate: Out Damned Spot!

Guess This Makes Him a Dis-Appointee

Damn You, Google Cache!