Samsung’s 2010 Report Says Its Galaxy Would Be Better if It Were Just More Like the iPhone

Apple has shown bits and pieces of the internal 2010 report, but on Tuesday, it managed to get the whole thing admitted into evidence.

Apple: Litigation Misconduct Is Part of Samsung’s Legal Strategy

“The proper remedy for Samsung’s misconduct is judgment that Apple’s asserted phone design patents are valid and infringed.”

Apple Says Samsung’s Email Purges Destroyed Potential Patent Evidence

“Spoilation of evidence.”

You Know Who Really Loves Smartphones? Divorce Lawyers.

Data from smartphones — everything from text messages and email to GPS data and Internet search history — is increasingly being used as evidence in divorce court.


Facebook Lawyers Cite “Smoking Gun” Papers In Ceglia Case

Lawyers for Facebook Inc. say they have unearthed “smoking-gun documents” that debunk the claims of a New York man that he is entitled to a signficant ownership stake in the social-networking service.

Murdoch & Son Visit Parliament and Return With a Big Helping Of Humble (and Shaving Cream) Pie

News Corp. CEO and majordomo Rupert Murdoch tells British lawmakers he is sorry on the “most humble day of my life”, survives a surprise attack and loses his jacket. Other than that, the hearing turned into a what didn’t the Murdochs know and when didn’t they know it Q&A session.

Headless Lawsuit in Topless Blog!

On some level of journalism, I guess anything could happen. But does that mean it should? Some sensational stories in tech of late have led to some even more sensational reporting.


The Facebook Lawsuit: A Look at the Documents

So, remember last year when that guy came out of nowhere and sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he owned 84 percent of the social-networking company? Well, he’s back. And he has emails.

SAP Granted Lower APR Damages Award in Oracle Case

SAP would rather not pay Oracle interest on top of the $1.3 billlion in damages awarded the company last month. But if it must, it would prefer that the interest be calculated at a lower rate. The company argued that point in a recent court filing, and Tuesday evening a court agreed.

Oracle-SAP Verdict: SAP Owes Oracle $1.3 Billion

Billions or millions. That was the central question in the Oracle vs. SAP case and in the end, the jury determined its answer to be billions with a “b.” For the theft of Oracle’s intellectual property by its now shuttered TomorrowNow division, SAP must pay Oracle $1.3 billion.

Oracle Rests SAP Case, Slams HP CEO

Oracle, SAP and the Apotheker Sideshow