What’s the Best Laptop for a College-Bound Student?

Is there a laptop with solid performance that will last all four years? Walt answers readers’ questions.


Big Data’s Usability Problem

In a wide sea of data, a few lines of code can be very easy to overlook.

A Fresh New Office Finds a Place in the Cloud

Microsoft’s newest version of Office is a radical change from previous versions. It’s more closely tied to the cloud and has a surprising new price model.

Interview: C.W. Anderson and Emily Bell Discuss the Future of “Post-Industrial Journalism”

Step one: Open Microsoft Excel. Step two: Do everything else.


The Storage Games

Even in an anemic economy, demand for data storage grows more than 50 percent per year.

A PC Virus on a Mac

Walt answers a reader’s question on whether a MacBook running Parallels could get infected by a PC virus.

Google Acquires Quickoffice for Mobile Productivity Apps

Another acquisition for Google, this time with a mobile focus.

The Writing on the Tablet

Walt answers a reader’s question on taking notes on tablets.

eBay Is the Most Recent Bay Area Transplant to Seek Access to Seattle’s Talent Pool

The e-commerce giant has joined a growing list of companies willing to brave the rain in order to gain access to a deep pool of technology engineers in Seattle.

Microsoft Office on iPad

Using Phones Globally

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