Apple Takes Another Ride, Ride, Ride on Liquidmetal

Apple just extended its Liquidmetal exclusivity deal for another two years. Will 2012 be the year we finally see the material used in an iPhone?

Gilt Groupe’s Policy on Upcoming Wine Sales Leaving Behind a Sour Taste

Gilt Taste, the high-end food site operated by the Gilt Groupe, is preparing to launch a wine vertical that has some people in the industry feeling corked.

ATT’s Chief Marketing Officer on How the Company Has Found (Android) Religion

Although the timing comes just as the carrier loses its iPhone exclusivity, Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher insists a big Android push has been in the works for more than a year and has more to do with having great devices to show off its faster networks than it does trying to fill the void created by no longer having Apple’s darling to itself.

90 Percent of AT&T iPhone Subs Still Under Contract

A metric worth mulling as AT&T’s previously monogamous relationship with Apple shifts into polyamory: 90 percent of the carrier’s iPhone users are still under contract.

AT&T Makes the Most of Its Final Fling With Apple: 4.1 Million iPhones in Q4

The last three months of 2010 marked the last quarter that AT&T had the iPhone all to itself, and the carrier got the most it could out of it: It activated 4.1 million more iPhones, and added a record number of new wireless customers.

Sprint: Collateral Damage in the Verizon-AT&T iPhone War

So much for Sprint’s tentative comeback. The company’s no longer hemorrhaging subscribers and money–at least not as badly as it was. But that could change now that Apple has added Verizon as a second iPhone carrier in the States.

AT&T CFO on iPhone Deal: All Things Must Pass

AT&T may still have an exclusive on the iPhone, but seemingly not for much longer. Certainly the company’s messaging at a pair of conferences this week suggests it’s prepping Wall Street for the end of what’s been a very rewarding exclusive relationship with Apple. Essentially, it’s the opposite of a soft launch–a sort of soft…disengagement.

AT&T's Lurie on Losing the iPhone Exclusive: "We Aren't Concerned About It at All"

At D: Dive Into Mobile today, AT&T’s Glenn Lurie underwent intense scrutiny by Walt Mossberg on the state of AT&T’s wireless network and the ability to make calls. But Lurie’s strongest opinions were reserved for when it came time to talk about the company’s iPhone exclusivity, which by many reports is coming to an end in the new year.

Analyst: Verizon Wants Pseudo-Exclusive on iPhone

Here’s some news for the Verizon iPhone rumor mill. Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu says Verizon, which is expected to add the iPhone to its smartphone lineup early next year, doesn’t want to see it added to Sprint and T-Mobile’s lineups as well, and is willing to pay to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Analyst: Verizon iPhone Would Have Minimal Impact on Android Vendors

The iPhone’s debut on Verizon next year will clearly cause some suffering over at AT&T, which is losing its long-running exclusive on the device. But there are a few other companies that will feel the pain of that transition as well: HTC, Motorola and Research in Motion.

Google Eyeing Invite Media?

Gmail Goes Social With Google Buzz