Facebook Gets a Hold on Phones

Facebook Home, a new suite of software Facebook is introducing for Android phones, aims to take over phones right from their lock screens.

The Buffy Story: Facebook’s Long Road Home to an Android Phone

A look back at “Buffy,” the Facebook Android phone effort first detailed by AllThingsD in a 2011 series of stories.

Facebook Launches Home, Its Android Phone Project

The company has been building that home on Android for a while now.

Why Facebook Might Really Be Doing Its Own Phone, Despite What Zuck Said

He’s a tricky one, that Mark Zuckerberg.

Consumers More Interested in Make-Believe Amazon Phone Than Fabled Facebook Phone

If Facebook or Amazon were to release a smartphone of their own, would anyone buy it?


Facebook’s Phone Revealed! (Comic)

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site.

The Facebook Phone: Why Would You Want One?

If you can get past concerns about Facebook having even more intimate insight into your life, would a phone designed by Facebook be compelling?

The Facebook Phone: If It Comes, Will It Already Be Too Late?

Buffy could be as much as 18 months from hitting the market — an eternity in tech time. By then, will there still be a market for a more social smartphone?

The Facebook Phone: The “Slayer” That Wasn’t

Before its current phone project, Facebook had a special ops team that explored building its phone with hardware tightly integrated with software. When it didn’t work out, many from that team left the company.

The Facebook Phone: Forking Android Offers Both Promise and Pitfalls

There’s more than a little irony in Facebook using Google’s operating system to offer a competitive mobile phone strategy.