Judge Says Google Book-Scanning Is Fair Use

A big win for Google comes long after many people forgot about the issue.
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Associated Press Settles Copyright Case With Obama Poster-Maker Shepard Fairey

Good to get this one cleared up before the 2012 election: The Associated Press has settled its copyright case with artist Shepard Fairey, who used an AP photograph to create the once-famous Obama “Hope” poster in 2008. The case has been worth watching for digital types because it hinges on the concept of “fair use,” but an AP press release notes that “neither side surrenders its view of the law.” The two sides will work together to generate revenue from the poster and related images, and Fairey plans on making more stuff using AP photos, with the news group’s permission.

Turnabout Is Fair Play: BoomTown Decodes Rupe's Journalism-Is-Not-a-Free-Cow Op-Ed!

Last week, BoomTown translated an opinion piece written by Google CEO Eric Schmidt and published in The Wall Street Journal that focused on defending the search giant from criticism that it was, well, killing journalism. One of the louder critics, in fact, has been Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp., who has leveled a series of high-profile verbal attacks on Google. Last week, Murdoch published his own piece in The Journal, in which Google was never mentioned by name. So in the interest of equal-opportunity balloon-pricking, I must also render Murdoch’s post through my decoding machine, because it’s only sporting!

BoomTown Decodes Google CEO Schmidt's Shut-Up-You-Whiny-News-Folk Op-Ed (So You Don't Have To)!

Google CEO Eric Schmidt did one of his patented throat-clearers in an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal today and it pretty much begs for translation. Well, BoomTown shall not tarry from the task of decoding the extra-long rumination from the head of Google, who was responding to the recent spate of aggressive attacks by traditional media publishers. They have blamed the search giant for everything from their current business woes to the destruction of journalism to Tiger Woods’s dicey marital troubles. Okay, not that! But the rest for sure.

What's Really Behind the Rupe-a-Dope With Google and Microsoft? Here Are Five Possibilities!

There certainly is a lot of noisy swirl of late around the escalating fight between Google and some traditional media companies over content online. The loudest voice in this fight has clearly been News Corp. kingpin Rupert Murdoch, who seemingly has not met a television interviewer of late he did not regale with tales of the search giant’s nefariousness. Murdoch has also tried to get Google’s biggest nemesis, Microsoft, involved in what has become a wrestling match over the future of news. But what’s really happening here? Here are five possibilities to consider.

The Judge Was Wrong: RealNetworks's RealDVD Appeal Document

RealNetworks just lobbed its appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals in the case revolving around its DVD-copying software, RealDVD. A U.S. District judge issued a preliminary injunction against RealNetworks in August to stop sales, and renewed it in October. In the appeal, which is embedded after the jump, RealNetworks said the judge was using the wrong legal standard and more.


EFF Creates a "Hall of Shame" for Disputed Takedowns

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s latest effort to call out what it considers violations of copyright and trademark law comes in the form of a mock-awards page, complete with “honorees,” called the Takedown Hall of Shame. The tech-advocacy group highlights a handful of cases it calls “the most egregious examples of takedown abuse,” usually involving businesses or organizations that cry foul–or issue takedown notices–even when their copyrighted materials are used in accordance with fair-use laws.

A Google Book Search for "Antitrust Law" Ought to Come in Handy Here…

Google’s gone and run afoul of the Department of Justice again. Its interest piqued by the growing outcry over the company’s proposed book-search settlement with authors and publishers, the agency has opened an inquiry.

Rob Glaser Talks About Steal–Oops–RealDVD

When he debuted his company’s new DVD copier at DEMOfall recently, called RealDVD, RealNetworks’ Rob Glaser did a video interview with BoomTown about it. And now that RealNetworks and Hollywood are cross-suing each other over RealDVD–in the latest clash over the still-contentious copyright issue that separates the tech and entertainment industries–it’s time for a replay!

Sue. Rent. Rip. Return.

Turns out RealNetworks Inc.’s new DVD ripper RealDVD is as legal as its creator is litigious. Real debuted RealDVD this morning and along with it a preemptive lawsuit against the Hollywood interests that will inevitably attempt to litigate it into oblivion. Brought against the DVD Copy Control Association and a who’s-who of major studios, the suit asks the court to rule that RealDVD complies with the DVD Copy Control Association’s license agreement.

Richter Scales' Tom Shields Speaks!

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