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Posts With Fanhattan

Fanhattan Debuts Pint-Size Fan TV Set-Top Box to Simplify the Living Room (Video)

Video discovery service Fanhattan is getting into the set-top business.

Fanhattan Brings Its One-Stop Video-Discovery Service to the Web

Fanhattan expands beyond smartphones and tablets to the Web.

Fanhattan, the iPad Navigator: The Full D9 Demo

With the piles of entertainment content available on the Apple iPad, it makes sense that someone was going to try to make sense of it. That would be Fanhattan, which is aiming to be an overall navigator for the popular tablet device, browsing across site such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and iTunes.

A Launchpad for Watching TV, Movies on the iPad

Watching movies and TV shows on an iPad is a pleasure, writes Walt, but figuring out which app offers which film or show isn’t. Fanhattan aims to be a navigator of what’s available.

Fanhattan Demo at D9: Consolidating Online Video on Your iPad (Video)

Even for the most experienced Web user, sorting through the vast landscape of online movies and television can be confusing. Fanhattan CEO Gilles BianRosa demonstrated his app and accompanying tech onstage at D9.

Fanhattan Brings All the Movies on the Web to One Place–Your iPad

Fanhattan is set to demo its much anticipated content-organizing app on stage at D9 later today, but CEO Gilles BianRosa agreed gave us a sneak peek ahead of launch, and we’re bringing you behind the curtain.


Fanhattan Seeks To Unify Web Movie Services

There are a lot more movies and television shows on the Internet than there once were, but viewers often have to work really hard to hunt across different services for what they want. A company called Fanhattan is trying to stitch together as many of those services as it can to make life easier for Web watchers.