Mayor of SXSW

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had to build a lot of stuff just to fight for survival, so we don’t get crushed by a Facebook or Google. It’s been like working our way through Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

— Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley, in a Fast Company article by Austin Carr

Zynga’s Treasure

We want to build an Internet treasure.

— Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, at Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored Conference

The Draper Family Will See You Now

Taking on the venture-capital-spawned dynasty, a new Fast Company article reads like the family is a tech version of the Kardashians, except with better eyebrows, and much smarter.

Bing and You’re Modeling Every Object on the Planet

We’re literally no longer indexing text. We’re trying to associate data that exists on the web in all forms with the physical object that spawned it in the first place.

— Bing director Stefan Weitz, in an interview with Fast Company’s E.B. Boyd

Fast Company Pops Onto the Flash Sales Scene for Designer Edition

Fast Company is not just writing about the U.S.-designed items featured in next month’s edition of the magazine. It’s selling them.

Chartbeat Says the Rise of the Machines Won't Be So Bad if You're a Cyborg

Or why Tony Haile wants you to learn to stop worrying and love data–and pay up for a subscription to Newsbeat, his new analytics service.

Web Commerce Isn't Really Social…Yet

Social and e-commerce seem like they could be an explosive combination, but current darlings Groupon and Gilt Groupe are only scratching the surface.

Plastic Logic (Finally) Shows Off The Que, Its (Very Expensive) Kindle Competitor

After promising to deliver its take on Amazon’s Kindle for a couple of years, Plastic Logic is finally delivering: Here comes the Que, which the company promises is “more than an eReader.” It had better be: The first two versions of the gadget will cost $649 and $799.

Nick Denton’s Payroll Shrinks by One: Right-Hand Man Noah Robischon to Fast Company

On the same day Gawker Media’s Nick Denton makes a splash with dire pronouncements about the future of media, he is also doing some internal reshuffling: Right-hand man Noah Robischon is moving on to Mansueto Ventures, where he will oversee Web operations for what the company is calling “Fast Company Media.”

Forrester CEO: Here's a Little Song I Wrote …

Wonderful news. The recession’s impact on the tech sector will not be nearly as pronounced as its predecessor’s, which turned Webvan’s refrigerated Freightliner trucks into hipster moving vans and made the mascot piddle itself into oblivion like a submissive puppy. That’s the word from Forrester Research CEO George Colony, who believes the current downturn will be far kinder to tech than the one that heralded The Great Dark Time of 2001-2003.