Going Native

The ultimate native ads are the glossy fashion ads in Vogue: in most cases, they’re better than the editorial, and as a result, readers spend as much time with the ads — if not more — as they do with the edit.

Felix Salmon, writing about the potential of native advertising on the Web

Nate Silver’s Victory Tour Stops at Jon Stewart’s Desk

Alas, he is sober here.

Widely Cited Crowdfunding Market Estimates Are Probably Too Optimistic

The global market for crowdfunding in 2011 was likely not anything close to a widely cited estimate of $1.5 billion.

Happy Sixth Birthday, Twitter

Twitter’s still in its honeymoon period, but that won’t last forever. At some point, it’s going to be less of a wunderkammer, and more of a regrettable necessity.

— Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon, in an article entitled “Why Twitter will get more annoying”

Gawker’s Nick Denton Loses a $100 Bet (Video)

Featuring boozy narration courtesy of Reuters columnist Felix Salmon.

Exclusive: Skype Employees Were Briefed in Plain English — The Internal Equity Incentive Plan Deck

What did Skype employees know and when did they know it? A lot, if you’re reading this “Equity Incentive Plan” deck, which clearly outlines what happens to “good leaver” and bad leaver” execs.

Video: BoomTown Talks AOL-HuffPo as Web's Condé Nast on CNN

Here is a video of a segment I did on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” yesterday morning–in the wee hours in San Francisco, hence the bags under my eyes–about last week’s $315 million acquisition of the Huffington Post by AOL. “Someone has to be the Condé Nast of the Internet,” I noted in answer to a question from host Howard Kurtz, since it has not been that famous magazine company which has become the big publishing dog online.


In Defense of Standards, Ethics, and Honest Financial Reporting at Hewlett-Packard

Recently, my old company Hewlett-Packard has been in the news–and not in a good way. I’ve been watching the coverage from the sidelines up to this point, but felt increasingly compelled to join the conversation and share my point of view. So here goes.

Time Magazine Walls Off Its Web Site: Will You Pay Up?

Want to read the cover story, or anything else, in this week’s Time magazine? Get out your wallet.

AOL Lands Another Media Refugee: Portfolio.com’s Bercovici to DailyFinance

I don’t usually write about writers landing jobs, but I did want to point out that Jeff Bercovici, last seen writing the Mixed Media blog for Portfolio.com, has landed at DailyFinance, a site run by Time Warner’s AOL. Why do I care? Because it’s yet another sign that AOL is continuing to hire experienced writers and reporters to bulk up its sites as other publishers are slimming down or shutting down. And because it’s a nice change of pace from layoff stories.