Tim Armstrong Apologizes for Publicly Firing Patch Employee

“At a human level it was unfair,” says the AOL CEO. But Abel Lenz is still fired.

I’m Still Here: Stock Soars as Groupon Shows Stronger-Than-Expected Q1 Revenue

On the other hand, I could use a nice cup of hot growth.

Exclusive: Yahoo’s Thompson Out; Levinsohn In; Board Settlement With Loeb Nears Completion

The final shoe — shoe store, really — drops.

Loeb Calls Again for Thompson Firing From Yahoo, as Former eBay Boss Supports Him

The back-and-forth over Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson’s fitness as a leader continues.


Demoting a Loyal Friend

Once you make the decision, breaking the news will not be easy.


What Now? Hiring.

Hiring takes planning and time, and the process is often ad hoc or simply nonexistent. Don’t make hiring a batting average.


What Now? Firing a Key Executive: Possible Outcomes.

I was fired from my first job as a programmer after college, and I’ve agonized over terminations ever since.

Three Months After Bartz’s Firing, It’s Hurry Up and Wait at Yahoo (A Big Honking Update)

Still no sale or investment deal. No new CEO. No Asia resolution. And, perhaps most importantly, no clearly articulated strategy going forward. Other than that …

For Yahoo (And Me, Too), Time Is Brain

Yahoo has about 30 working days to make what has to be a complex and multiparty deal, in an effort that is akin to herding cats.

Yahoo’s Product Runway: Are You In or Out?

I am here at Yahoo HQ in Sunnyvale, Calif., to check out “Product Runway,” which is the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s attempt to show that it can still innovate.

AOL: We Need to Fire 2,500 “Volunteers”