Meh Is the New Up: Yahoo Meets Lackluster Q2 Expectations and Lowers Guidance

Revenue growth continues to elude the Silicon Valley Internet giant.

Eight Percent of Amazon’s Sales Are Coming From Mobile

That’s really not all that great.

Nintendo Wii U Forecast Calls for Heavy Sales, Easing Later

After strong sales this holiday season, the four-year forecast for the Nintendo Wii U is looking a little gloomy.

Romney Disses Tesla as “Loser” at Debate

Tesla becomes a political hot potato.

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Why Groupon’s Shares Fell 20 Percent, Even Though Profits Are Up

Groupon shareholders are worried about the deal company’s growth prospects after seeing some disturbing trends in its core coupons business.


Qualcomm Shares Gain Despite Forecast

Qualcomm Inc. saw its shares jump in after-hours trades on Wednesday despite a forecast that was below Wall Street’s projections for the current quarter.

The Weather Channel’s Kenny and Weather Underground’s Steremberg Talk, Um, Weather (Video)

What’s the temperature for online weather?


Sony Forecasts End of Loss Streak

After reporting a net loss of $5.7 billion for the last fiscal year — its fourth annual loss in a row — Sony Corp. said it expects to swing back to a profit this fiscal year as its consumer-electronics and component businesses recover.

Analyst Warns of Global iPademic