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Levchin is tackling the $5 billion dollar fertility business.

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For the PR boost alone, it might be worth it.


Negotiating Private Equity: How Women Startup Founders Can Ensure Their Fair Share

If you are willing to put skin in the game and take a risk in joining a startup, you should also benefit along the way by virtue of your performance.

Exclusive: Is Andrew Mason on the Bubble as CEO of Groupon?

Is a boardroom showdown looming for the troubled daily deals company and its affable co-founder?

“Goofy” CEO Andrew Mason on “60 Minutes” This Week

Guess who’s back? Back again. Guess who’s back? Tell a friend.


What Now? Founder Re-Org.

Andreessen Horowitz GP Peter Levine is launching a series of tech leadership case studies called “What Now?” posted in two-part question/answer blog posts that will appear first here on AllThingsD.

Email: Chamath Palihapitiya Decries Airbnb’s Recent $112M Funding for Founder Control and Cash-Out

Here’s some electric weekend reading for those interested in the push-and-pull between venture investors and start-ups in the frothy Web 2.0 environment.

Uh-Oh: Groupon Loses New COO, Who’s Going Back to Google

In a blog it just posted, Groupon said its recently hired COO, Margo Georgiadis, “has decided to return to Google (her former employer) in a new role as President, Americas.” She was hired in April, only months before the company filed to go public.

Talk About Discounting: Groupon Gets a Pre-IPO Smackdown

It has only just announced its IPO plans, but Groupon is already getting a good taste of the brutality of being more public in an increasing series of negative reports aimed at its business prospects and execs, just as the social buying phenom starts to market itself to Wall Street investors.

Exclusive: Former Yahoo Brad Williams Takes Over as PR Head Honcho at Groupon

A Chicago boy is going home, as former Yahoo PR exec Bradford Williams takes over as VP of Global Communications at Groupon. Williams, who worked at Yahoo during its ugly takeover fight with Microsoft, will need his even-keeled personality more than ever now, as the social buying phenom heads into its upcoming IPO.

Groupon's Andrew Mason Speaks!