Katie Couric Deal to Become Yahoo’s “Global News Anchor” Set to Be Announced Monday

It looks like the deal that AllThingsD wrote about in August is finally happening.

Time Warner Cable Says It’s Blocking Some Programmers from the Web — But It’s Still Not Holding Up Web TV

The country’s second-biggest cable TV operator is blocking some TV networks from selling to “over the top” Web video guys like Intel. But it can’t stop the biggest networks.


DOJ Notified News Corp. About Phone-Record Seizure

The Justice Department notified the parent company of Fox News more than two years ago about its seizure of phone records belonging to one of its reporters, a Fox official said Saturday.


Big Data’s Usability Problem

In a wide sea of data, a few lines of code can be very easy to overlook.

Mossberg on Apple’s Rivalry With Samsung and Why the iPhone Is Like Switzerland

In a pair of video appearances, Walt Mossberg discusses Apple-written mobile apps and what Samung’s new Galaxy S4 means for the iPhone.

Why Al Jazeera’s Cable Move Could Cost Much More Than $500 Million

The news channel’s new pay TV partners are paying up, for now. What happens if that changes? We may find out.

Google Fiber: Amazing Internet! Same Old TV.

Google can bring Kansas City crazy fast broadband. But it can’t blow up the TV bundle.


The real lesson here is that the scoop is and always has been a dangerous act of journalistic narcissism. Did it truly matter if one outlet “broke” the same information that other outlets — and the world of the Internet — knew a second before another?

Jeff Jarvis on the failure of CNN, Fox and other outlets to report Thursday’s Supreme Court decision accurately

HuffPo Co-Founder Ken Lerer’s Stealthy Start-Up Aims at CNN, Fox

Ken Lerer helped build an Internet news powerhouse out of thin air. Now he wants to do it again — this time using video.


Glenn Beck Rallies Troops for Revolution Against TV

Glenn Beck still rails against his usual enemies, from the “hardcore socialist left” to “extreme Islam.” Now there is a new target: Mainstream television.

Backstage at the Onion's New TV Show

Viral Video: "The View" Vs. "The Talk"