U.S. to Resolve Investigation of Infosys

The U.S. is expected to announce a resolution Wednesday to the visa fraud investigation against mega-outsourcer Infosys, according to a Justice Department official.


Phony Web Traffic Tricks Digital Ads

As online marketing budgets soar, fraudsters skim millions with “botnets.”

Swrve Says It Can Help Developers Dodge Fake Purchases Made by App Pirates

Developers “need to know whether they’re attracting great-looking pirates or mediocre-looking real users.”

True Link Financial Aims to Fight Senior Credit Scams

The card and fraud blocker are set up online by a verified, trusted family member.


Cisco Hit With $70M Jury Verdict, May Appeal

A federal jury ruled that Cisco Systems Inc. should pay $70 million to XpertUniverse Inc. for fraud associated with a short-lived partnership between the companies.

Sift Science Takes $5.5M to Wield Machine Learning Against Fraudsters

If you don’t want to be defrauded, you’re better off accepting a purchase from someone with an AOL email account than one from Yahoo. And now you know.

Exclusive: PayPal Co-Founder Levchin Launches New Payments Startup, Affirm

He’s back, and this time the well-known entrepreneur wants to give you a digital charge card.

More From Mike Lynch: HP’s Autonomy Accusations Are Getting Weaker

Lynch asserts that HP is “backtracking” on its claims against him and the Autonomy management team.

Mike Lynch Punches Back at Today’s HP Filing: Whither $5B Writedown?

Sooner or later, someone’s going to lose an eye.

HP Confirms DOJ Is Investigating Alleged Fraud in Autonomy Deal

An investigation was expected given that HP had been in contact with the U.S. Department of Justice as well as U.K. authorities.

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