Revolving Door: Yahoo Departures Begin, Even as Mayer’s Team Still TBD

Round and round it goes — as the Silicon Valley’s best Internet drama turns!

Exclusive: Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Departs (For Start-Ups Unknown)

A top-level departure at the social networking giant, especially in the wake of continued intense media and investor scrutiny over its rocky IPO last month.
Facebook's exiting CTO Bret Taylor.

Twitter Courts Google's Sundar Pichai for Head of Product

Sundar Pichai, the man in charge of Chrome and Chrome OS at Google, is being aggressively courted by Twitter to be its next head of product, according to sources. But Google is apparently fighting back hard on this latest effort by high-profile Web 2.0 companies, including Twitter and Facebook, to raid its huge talent pool.

Gmail Founder Says Chrome OS Is DOA

The founder of Gmail is taking a dim view of Google’s Chrome OS, predicting that by next year the project will either have been killed or merged with Android. In a series of posts on FriendFeed, Paul Buchheit argues that the Web-based operating system brings little to the table that Android can’t do better.

Facebook Acqhirees Make a Quick Mark on Its Products

Facebook has a well-defined M&A strategy of bringing in talent from young, small companies and shutting down their products. But there’s also a pattern emerging for what happens to that talent. Acqhired CEOs hold prominent roles on Facebook’s product team; nearly every recent Facebook product launch seems to have been introduced by an acqhired employee.

Memolane Makes Web Memories Last

The best-designed site I’ve seen to help create digital scrapbooks is named Memolane, and it calls them “web time machines.” If you want to try Memolane out, the Copenhagen-based company is doing its first public release of beta invites today.

Gmail Creator Leaves Facebook for Y Combinator

Paul Buchheit, the well-respected developer and angel investor, is moving on from Facebook, which had acquired him along with FriendFeed, the start-up he co-founded and funded.


Facebook Exec Extols the Virtues of Setting Privacy to "Everyone"

Facebook is under a spotlight for new privacy settings that could lead users to unwittingly expose a lot more information about themselves. But in a keynote interview at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Facebook executive Paul Buchheit laid out the argument for why he sets his privacy settings to the most open level–“everyone.”


Almost Famous Update: Now-Out-of-Beta Brizzly Hires Facebooker and Translates Tweets

Brizzly, the Web-based Twitter client from Thing Labs, covered in Almost Famous two weeks ago, begins public beta today. In addition to opening its “expanded” Twitter interface to the world at large, the start-up is offering an on-the-fly translation tool for foreign tweets. And it has hired former FriendFeeder and current Facebooker Ben Darnell.


Women Outnumber Men on Social-Networking Sites

When it comes to social-networking sites, women are more plugged in than men, according to data analysis by Brian Solis, president of Silicon Valley public-relations firm Future Works. Mr. Solis used Google Ad Planner to determine the gender breakdown of users signed up for the most popular social-networking sites and found that in most cases, women outnumbered men. “The point of interest that’s worth review and discussion is that in social media, women rule,” he wrote.

Twitter: Where Nobody Knows Your Name