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Coming to a City Near You: Apple to Do Tech Talks

With its June Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco selling out immediately, Apple said that — along with posting videos of the event — it would also be hosting “Tech Talks in a city near you.” No details yet, it sounds like the tech giant is going into the concert business for geeks again — it had done such talks with Apple developers at the time of the iOS 5 release.

Winter Is Coming, Today! “Game of Thrones” Meets AllThingsD.

Winter might be coming, but we got George R.R. Martin to sit in our red-hot interview chairs.

Winter Is Coming (Geeks, Too): HBO Premieres New Season of “Game of Thrones” in SF This Week

When you play the game of thrones, it’s either win or die. Yipes!

Viral Video: HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Back for More Geek-tastic Adventures

It’s good to be a Lannister.

Max Levchin Says Marissa Mayer’s “Very Ballsy Move” to CEO of Yahoo Was the Reason He Finally Took Board Seat

I now remember why I really like that Max Levchin: He blogs!

Viral Video: “World War Z” (As in Zombie)

The plants didn’t do the job, apparently.

Dorsey on Reduced Role at Twitter: Move On, Nothing to See Here!

He’s not difficult. He’s busy!

Silicon Wadi: A Visit to GarageGeeks in Israel (Video)

Nerding out in Tel Aviv!

Burning Man Begins — With Fiery Lawsuit Installation

A legal wildfire rages in the Black Rock Desert.