Twitter to Wait Until After IPO to Name Woman — Likely With International Cred — to Board

The number of women with international experience is long, but if I were to bet whom Twitter is considering for its top picks, I would name only two: Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright.

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Carrot Flop: Twitter CEO Costolo Finds Lack of Woman on Board Is No Joking Matter

Two men fight over women, of course.

Hacking Code and Gender to Build Apps for an Underserved Community

A first-of-its-kind event in Oakland brought together more than three-dozen hackers to write apps and websites for the transgender community.
TransH4ck founder Kortney Ryan Ziegler

Electric Cars, Wearable Computing and TV Disruption — 10 Things You Missed During the First Two Days of D11

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Accel’s Breyer Leads Forbes Midas List of Top Tech Investors Again, While Kleiner’s Doerr Leads in Media Scrutiny

It’s hard being — and staying — king of the VCs.

Dear Wikipedia Editors

Not all of you, just the ones who decided that it was a good idea to start removing women from the category “American Novelists” and putting them into a new category: ‘American Women Novelists.’ You guys. What the hell, man? What’s wrong with you?

— From Amy Letter and Brian Spears, addressing the gradual removal of women from the category of “American Novelists” on Wikipedia

Surprise, Surprise? A Lot of People (Especially Women) Really Like Free-to-Play Games.

“This wasn’t a topic of discussion even last year.”

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