Dough Boys: Here’s Benchmark’s $425 Million Fund Filing Document

Take the money and run!

Twitter General Counsel Alexander Macgillivray to Leave Company

One of the company’s most widely respected and high-ranking employees plans to leave in the next six months.

Colin Stretch Named Facebook’s New General Counsel as Top Lawyer Departs

A familiar Facebooker takes the company’s top legal eagle position.

Facebook’s General Counsel Ullyot to Depart the Company

The man who stopped the Winklevii leaves the building.

Rubicon Project Adds Two Top Execs, as Ad Tech Company Moves Toward IPO

Is ad tech ready to go big and go IPO?

Nest Takes Honeywell Patents Back to the Drawing Board

The war of the thermostats continues, with a trip back to the U.S. Patent Office.

Yahoo Conducting a Search for a COO as No. 2 to Mayer

Wanted: High-level worker bee. Turnaround experience a must.

Not All Yahoos Headed Out Door: Mayer Makes Filo a Direct Report and Bell Permanent GC

More on what’s going on at the Sunnyvale HQ of Silicon Valley’s never-ending turnaround.

HP Deputy General Counsel Porrini Leaves for Video Ad Company YuMe

Another departure in the general counsel’s office.

Yahoo’s Longtime Top Lawyer Mike Callahan Departs (Internal Memo!)

The top legal eye flies away from the Silicon Valley Internet giant.

Rob Glaser Eased Out as RealNetworks CEO

Seeing Is Believing: Bing Gets Visual Search