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Uber Will Vouch for Its Drivers to Help Them Finance GM and Toyota Cars

In an effort to boost the supply of cars in its system, Uber will help potential and current drivers finance cars from General Motors and Toyota in six of its 60 cities worldwide. The company says it has secured lower financing rates than the market standard, due to the near-guarantee of revenue generated via its ride-hailing service. It’s not exactly the same thing, but Airbnb also said recently that it plans to help its hosts buy smartphones so they can better manage their listings.


The Connected Car: Welcome to the Next Computing Environment

Seismic shifts are on their way to the auto industry.


GM Opens New Data Center Modeled on Google, Facebook

Less than one year after General Motors Corp. CIO Randy Mott announced that the automaker would stop outsourcing its IT work to other companies, GM today launched a new $130 million data center of its own.

More Apps Coming to Cars, but They’re Still Miles From Perfection

This year’s New York International Auto Show is pretty app-happy, with companies like Facebook and Google offering their two cents to auto makers.

GM Says AT&T’s 4G LTE Will Replace Verizon Service at Heart of OnStar

The move, which starts with model year 2015 cars, paves the way for a host of new entertainment and safety services.


GM Opening New Atlanta Data Center

General Motors Co. will hire about 1,000 high-tech workers starting this year to staff a new center it plans to open in a suburb near Atlanta as the auto maker intensifies its push to take back the work it once gave away to help save money.

General Motors Takes IT In-House, Hires 3,000 HP Employees as Its Own

The new boss is the same as the old boss.


Facebook, GM Talk New Friendship

General Motors Co. and Facebook Inc. are in talks to bring the auto maker back as a paid advertiser, two months after a high-profile falling out, people close to both companies said.

Powermat Is Back With a New Charger and a Bigger Vision

Once a tiny Israeli start-up with big dreams, Powermat has teamed up with Procter & Gamble’s Duracell brand to make every flat surface a charging station.

GM Doesn’t Like Old Media, Either

Earlier this week, the car maker said it was bailing out of Facebook. Today, it’s the Super Bowl.

$$FB$$ Has Arrived: So Now What?