Atheer and Meta Want You to Touch Your Apps in Midair

Reach out and touch something.

If Wearables Are Going to Grow Up, Games Might Point the Way

If. Might.

Google Glasses Are Great for Skydivers, Ballerinas and Snake Charmers (Video)

Google teases its wearable augmented-reality tech in a new promo video.

Rivet & Sway Eyeing Big Opportunity to Sell Prescription Glasses Online

Warby Parker may have a head start, but Seattle-based Rivet & Sway believes it is carving out a different niche focused on women and a higher price point.

With Glass, Google Gives a Fashion Icon a New Toy (Video)

Fabulous, dah-ling.

Google Can Still Find Time for Self-Driving Cars, and It Doesn’t Expect You to Understand Why

Larry Page says the company will still keep putting money — and time — into weird stuff. He doesn’t expect you to get it, because you don’t work at Google.

At CES 2012, 3-D Is Riding Shotgun to “Smart” TVs

3-D isn’t going away — it’s becoming just another check-off feature, as TV sets get “smarter.”

You’re One of the Four Million 3DS Owners. Now, How Do You Watch the 3-D Video on the Web?

If you’re a member of the Nintendo 3DS Four Million Club but don’t know how to watch the 3-D video on a Web site like YouTube, you’re not alone.