Glenn Lurie

President of Emerging Devices

As the head of AT&T's Emerging Devices team, Glenn Lurie is the man who negotiated exclusive deals for both the Apple iPhone, and most recently, the iPad. But, despite AT&T's ability to grow its arsenal of product offerings, consumers have complained loudly about frequent lapses in the telecom giant's network and its difficulty in supporting the increased traffic. How AT&T will fix this and what it will do if (when?) Apple moves to another carrier next year are obviously a key topic, as well as what will happen as even more new devices create a looming saturation point for the wireless industry. Prior to entering the wireless industry, Lurie was a professional soccer player for teams representing Cleveland, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Portland. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business/Marketing from Seattle Pacific University.

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AT&T Says Wi-Fi Is Not Enough, Computing Devices Should Come With 4G

AT&T’s Glenn Lurie wants to persuade manufacturers and consumers that always-on connectivity is where it’s at.
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ATT Confirms Pricing Plans for iPad 2, iPhone 4 Hotspot

As expected, one will be able to find the iPad 2 in AT&T stores starting on Friday. AT&T will also start offering iPhone 4 customers a personal hotspot option for $20 extra per month, including 2 GB of additional data.

ATT Adds Amazon’s Kindle to Shelves in Move That Hints at Retail Expansion

The addition of the electronic book to AT&T’s retail outlets could be the start of an expansion that will see the outlets move well beyond cell phones and laptop cards. The Kindle is part of a rapidly growing category of electronics that, while not sold with a contract, use cellular technology under the hood. AT&T has 11 million such devices on its network, with two million of those coming online last quarter alone.

Multi-Year Pact With Apple Means ATT Should Have the iPhone 5 (And iPhone 6 and 7 Too)

If you want to get the next iPhone and remain with AT&T, relax. The two parties have inked a multi-year deal that means the iPhone and unspecified other Apple gear will be available on AT&T’s network for some time to come.

D: Dive Into Mobile: The Full Interview Video of AT&T's Glenn Lurie

Here’s the last of the onstage interviews–Emerging Devices head Glenn Lurie, also known as the man who brought the Apple iPhone to AT&T (for better and worse).

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It’s not easy being No. 3. Just as Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse, who has a 4G plan to move on the wireless carrier food chain.

Talking 4G, iPhone and More With AT&T’s Glenn Lurie

AT&T loves the iPhone and it loves having it all to itself, make no mistake. But the company is also trying to adjust its message to be relevant if (or, more likely, when) the day comes that it has to share the iLove. In a video interview with Mobilized at D: Dive Into Mobile, AT&T’s Glenn Lurie talked about the company’s approach, its next-generation network plans and its vision that one day practically everything you can get at Best Buy will have some sort of wireless connection.

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