Judge Says Google Book-Scanning Is Fair Use

A big win for Google comes long after many people forgot about the issue.
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Google Wins a Round in Book-Scanning Suit

A federal appeals court on Monday threw out the approval of a class of authors in a long-running lawsuit against Google Inc. over its efforts to electronically scan millions of books from public and university libraries in order to make them available online.


The New Science of the Birth and Death of Words

Can physicists produce insights about language that have eluded linguists and English professors? That possibility was put to the test this week when a team of physicists published a paper drawing on Google’s massive collection of scanned books.

App Makes Readers’ Thoughts an Open Book

Katie looks at Subtext, a free iPad app designed to enable and encourage conversations among readers within digital books themselves.


Google Copyright Talks Continue With Publishers, Authors

Google Inc. and publisher and author groups are continuing to discuss options to resolve copyright litigation over a proposed digital library of books after a federal judge earlier this year rejected a settlement in the case, lawyers for both sides said Thursday.

Microsoft to Google: Quit Whining Ya Big Baby

Microsoft may be quietly chuckling over the European Commission’s decision to look into antitrust complaints against Google, but it’s not going to take credit for it. In a post to the company Web site, Dave Heiner, Microsoft vice president and deputy general counsel, took issue with Google’s suggestion last week that two companies with ties to Microsoft are driving this thing.

DOJ on Google Book Settlement: Get Me Another Rewrite

The Department of Justice still isn’t sold on the Google Books settlement agreement. In a brief filed late Thursday, the DOJ said that significant legal problems remain despite the considerable changes Google, publishers and authors have made to it.


Google Seeks a Deal on China Book Scans

Google Inc. sought to calm anger in China over its book-scanning project, saying it aims to work out a new agreement with Chinese writers for the rights to publish their books in its digital library.

Will Nexus One Be a Hit? Maybe. But Not Every Google Launch Lands Well.

Google has big plans to reinvent the mobile business, introducing its Nexus One smartphone yesterday. But the search giant has shaken up other industries before (ask any newspaper publisher). The flip side: While Google does launch lots of stuff, many of its products are now on the shelf with other dusty tech curios. Our latest slideshow illustrates this topic.

Google Books Settlement Proceedings to Drag on Until Mid-February

The latest revision of the Google Books settlement has been granted preliminary approval by a New York district judge, though it will be some time before that approval is finalized–if it is finalized. Judge Denny Chin of the Southern District of New York said Thursday that he will hold a hearing Feb. 18 on the new agreement, which will restore access to millions of out-of-print books, but may also one day give the company a monopoly on the largest digital library in the world.

Google’s Chrome OS: “It Just Works”

Google Blows Book Search Deal Deadline

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