Tomorrow’s Internet: More Than More of the Same

I dream of an Internet where my email address is the same as my Skype ID, my Jabber name, my Facebook ID and my telephone number.

New Hangouts App Conflicts With Google Voice Feature; Fix Coming

Tough luck for Google Voice loyalists, as the new Hangouts messaging product denigrates a key function of Voice. Change is coming, but it could be a while.

Facebook Messenger Finds Its Voice

Facebook Messenger, now with voice capabilities, is the company’s key to continued growth.

Quick-Growing MightyText Wants to Sync More Than SMS

Sometimes a simple tweak to the most mundane thing makes the biggest difference.

Google Voice Founder Tackles Conference Calls

Uberconference debuts today as a new interface for conference calls — you know, those terrifically annoying occurrences that people in business deal with on a daily basis.

Larry Page Might Be Bill Gates+, But He Wants to Be Steve Jobs

Let’s face it: Everyone in Silicon Valley — one way or another — fashions themselves as the next Steve Jobs.

Smart Entrepreneurs Still Think What’s Needed Is Help Figuring Out What Food to Order

Craig Walker’s new mobile application company Firespotter Labs is out with its first launch: Nosh, an app for iPhone and Android that helps users figure out what to eat at restaurants.

GrandCentral's Craig Walker Raises $3M for Firespotter Labs

GrandCentral (aka Google Voice) co-founder Craig Walker has emerged from being an entrepreneur in residence at Google Ventures to start working on a specific project. Well, make that projects, plural: Walker is today launching a company called Firespotter Labs that will develop various companies, three of them at the start.

News Byte

Sprint, Google Embrace: Google Voice, Nexus 4G Coming To Carrier

Get ready for a slew of mobile deals beyond the AT&T/T-Mobile linkup, all timed to this week’s CTIA conference. For instance: Sprint is offering Google Voice for all of its mobile customers; Sprint says the integration will be finished “soon”. The two companies have also announced that Sprint will be offering Samsung’s Nexus 4G, the “first pure Google phone” running the Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” operating system. You can find Ina Fried’s comprehensive CTIA coverage here.

TellFi Helps Small Businesses Sound Professional on the Phone

TellFi launched today a simple Web-based virtual phone system for small businesses. The company helps freelancers and independent shops give off an aura of professionalism with functions like automated extensions and voicemail that would usually require installation by an IT person.

Free Gmail Calling Is the New Landline

AT&T, Google: Nuns on the Run