TideMark Pushes Out Fall Update That Answers What-If Questions About Your Business

Super-detailed charticles.

Unity Plans to Publish, Cross-Promote Mobile Games

Some new verticals for the developer-friendly game engine.

News Byte

Rovio Chairman Invests in HTML5 Startup Goo Technologies

Rovio chairman and angel investor Kaj Hed has invested an undisclosed amount in Goo Technologies, a startup focused on high-end game graphics for HTML5. Hed owns 70 percent of Rovio, but his private investment firm Moor is legally separate from the Angry Birds studio, where his son Mikael Hed is the CEO. Goo Technologies is about a year and a half old, and focuses on high-quality graphics for cross-platform games, made possible via HTML5 and WebGL. Demos of its work are available here.

Nvidia’s Project Logan Aims to Bring High-End Desktop Graphics to Mobile Devices

The chipmaker plans to bring the effort to market in the first half of next year as part of its next-generation Tegra processor.

Nvidia to License Its Graphics Chip Technology

Cores for sale.

LinkedIn’s Profile Refresh Is All About the Visuals — Just Like Other Social Giants

A visual touch-up for the professional network, just like every other social network.

Nvidia Shares Soar on Earnings Beat, Bullish Outlook

Nvidia shares are flying high after strong earnings; a positive outlook surprises analysts.

Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang on Superman Quad-Core Chip, Microsoft and Apple: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

Look, up in the sky, it’s a processor that can leap tall tablets in a single bound.

Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang Talks Quad-Core and Windows 8 at AsiaD

Nvidia’s dynamic leader sees his graphics chips going ever faster and in more places. Next up for the company: A quad-core chip code-named Kal-El.

Now What?  The Post-Jobs Era in Tech.

Can anyone in Silicon Valley fill the outsized shoes of Steve Jobs? Not likely.

Murdoch's Daily: The Details