Two Ways to Hit “Print” on a Mobile Device

Presto and ThinPrint Cloud Printer make on-the-go print jobs from smartphones and tablets as easy as printing from a PC.

Flip, Slide and Touch: New Machines for a New OS

Katie on the new touch-enabled devices that are designed to run Windows 8.

Back to School With Two Thin Laptops — One Pricey, One Not

These two new Windows laptops from Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard are aimed at different ends of the market.

HP’s NFC-Equipped Ultrabook Comes to Market

How will the NFC tech in HP’s new Ultrabook actually work?

Do You Really Want a
3-D Laptop? HP Hopes So.

Do 3-D laptops appeal to anyone other than hardcore gamers? HP hopes its new version of the Envy 17 3D notebook will.

How TouchPad Stacks Up to iPad (Video)

On Thursday, Walt spoke with WSJ digits about his recent HP TouchPad review.

TouchPad Needs More Apps, Reboot To Rival iPad

A small army of multitouch tablet computers has been launched this year to take on Apple’s iPad. The TouchPad from H-P is the latest one to enter the fray.

Picking Out a Laptop in the Brave, New World of Tablets

With the industry in flux and tablets on the rise, you’ll want to take a modest approach to choosing a laptop. Walt offers advice in his twice-yearly buyer’s guide.

No Signal: Homes Often Baffle Wi-Fi From Routers

Geoffrey Fowler tests home routers to see which one best delivers a consistent wireless experience. Most are found wanting.

Note: Walt Mossberg will return on December 29th.

A Fall Guide: How to Pick Your Next Computer

The biggest question for some buyers this fall will be whether to get a tablet or a laptop, now that Apple’s iPad is a proven hit and a flood of competitors is on the way.

Firms Jockey for Space in Services