A Printer for the iPad

Walt answers a reader’s question on finding a printer for the iPad.

A Hangout for All Your Social-Network Photos

Katie tests two products that pull in and back up photos and videos from various social networks.

Keeping the Family Tree

Walt answers a reader’s question on using Boot Camp to run Family Tree Maker on a Mac.

Nvidia Cuts Sales Forecast, Blaming Hard-Drive Shortage, Tegra 2 Decline

The maker of graphics chips and mobile processors said that revenue will be around $950 million for the January quarter, rather than the $1.066 billion it had forecast.

Intel Slashes Sales Outlook by $1 Billion on Hard Drive Shortage

With PC sales suffering from the shortage of hard drives caused by flooding in Thailand, Intel slashes its sales expectations for the quarter.

Working With AirPrint

Walt answers readers’ questions on Apple’s AirPrint and a computer backup.

Internet Access in Hotel Rooms

Walt answers readers’ questions on Internet access in hotel rooms, getting more hard-drive space and what to do with duplicate digital photos.

Second-Edition iPad–Worth the Wait?

Walt answers readers’ questions on the second edition iPad, printer sharing and freeing up hard-drive space on a Mac.

Here's Your iTunes in the Cloud, for Your iPhone–But From mSpot, Not Apple

Google and Apple both want to move your music to the cloud, then back to your phone, but they haven’t done it yet. But little mSpot has, at least for now.

Apple Reaching for the Cloud With MacBook Air and N.C. Data Center

Steve Jobs says the MacBook Air is the future of the MacBook and the future of the notebook as well. But if that’s to be the case, the machine–and Apple’s ecosystem–needs to evolve a bit more to appeal to that strata of user tethered to the high-capacity hard drives that the Air has summarily dispatched.

Keeping Files In Sync