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Stanford to Work With EdX Open-Source Learning Platform

Stanford isn’t actually joining the 12-school EdX consortium, but rather integrating into the EdX platform when it is open-sourced on June 1.

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Berkeley Aligns With Harvard and MIT’s edX Online Learning Initiative

University of California, Berkeley said today it would join edX, the nonprofit online learning joint venture between Harvard and MIT, with two computer science courses to be offered this fall. What’s interesting is that Berkeley professors are already teaching three computer science courses on another online learning platform, the for-profit Coursera.

Exclusive: Google Commerce Exec Tilenius Departs for Kleiner

The Google Wallet exec checks out of the search giant.

Saverin on Hollywood

Facebook wasn’t built out of a Harvard dorm window. And I would never throw a laptop at someone, like it appears in the movie. Not even at Mark.

Eduardo Saverin, in an interview with Fábio Altman in Brazilian newsmagazine Veja

Facebook’s New, New Ad Plan

Keep in touch via Facebook, this is critical to your future success. And we’re public now, so can you click on an ad or two when you’re there?

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, speaking at Harvard Business School’s “Class Day” event Wednesday

Harvard and MIT Launch $60M Nonprofit Online EdX Platform

Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology today are launching a nonprofit, open source joint online learning venture called EdX, with the first courses to start in the fall of this year.

Mobile Payments Won’t Replace Cash or Credit for Another Decade

It will take another eight years for cash and credit cards to be replaced almost completely by smartphones, according to those interviewed by Pew Research.

Rethinking How to Sell Women’s Clothes, This Time With Bra Sizes

Quincy Apparel, a New York start-up founded by two Harvard Business School grads, is attempting to change the way women shop for clothes — by asking for their bra size.

Done: Like TaskRabbit, With a Cause

A new neighbor-to-neighbor start-up is adding a charitable twist to getting things done.

Welcome to NetworkEffect!

The New Yorker's "Face of Facebook"

My Kid Is an Honor Student at iTunes U