Review of Google’s New Chromecast

Walt puts Google’s Chromecast device, a rival to Apple TV, to the test.

Roku and Your TV

Walt answers readers’ questions on the new Roku 3 and the easy-to-use Telikin computer.

Roku 3: Easier Streaming and Remote Headphones

Walt reviews the Roku 3, a new $100 streaming set-top box from Roku.

Google Gets Into the Cable TV Business, for Real

The big question: Which broadcasters will play along? Says It Will Accurately Predict Prices or Your Money Back helps eliminate buyer’s remorse by predicting whether the price of products will rise or fall. Now it is confident enough about some of its deals that it’s offering a money-back guarantee.

Real Bonding With Family Around the TV Via Skype

Tely Labs’ telyHD turns Skype video chats into room-size experiences, involving whole families or groups of friends on each end—seeing each other, chatting and sharing photos in high definition using TVs instead of computers.

Hey Bing, Here’s Another Decision Engine You Can Buy!

Ever wonder if you should buy a new digital camera or wait for a better one just around the corner? Even worse, did you buy the brand-new HDTV right before 3-D came out?

iPad 2: Thin, Not Picture Perfect

The new IPad 2 is thinner, lighter, faster and more powerful than the original. It offers an excellent balance of size, functionality and price, and keeps Apple ahead in the tablet race, at least for now.

A Phone That's a Beauty on the Outside–A Monster Inside

Superphones are beautiful on the outside but a monster inside, thanks to the new high-speed processor announced today by Nvidia. The so-called Tegra 2 will bring superior graphics capabilities to a wide variety of devices this week at CES.


Trade Show Chief Touts Many Gadgets, But Not 3D TV

Gary Shapiro promises more cool stuff than ever at the giant Consumer Electronics Show in early January. But the trade group leader sounds less than enthusiastic about one of the most talked-about topics, 3D television.