In the Vault: Former Yahoo Exec Hilary Schneider Set to Join IPO-Bound LifeLock as President

The longtime online ad exec shifts gears to fraud protection.

Exclusive: Ross Levinsohn Departs Yahoo

The Hair bows out.

Ex-Yahoos Getting Downloaded by PE Firms and Others on Possible Deals

Former employees are good for something, apparently!

Ross Levinsohn Says Hello on His First Day at School of Hard Knocks, Oops, Yahoo

Ross Levinsohn officially starts at Yahoo today, although he has already been busy machinating and taking meetings since he was appointed North American head recently. The former News Corp. exec replaces Hilary Schneider, and enters a tumultuous job running Yahoo’s key media and advertising sales businesses. BoomTown has yet another primer for him today, but first let’s hear from Ross in his first blog post to the troops at Yahoo.

More Yahoo Deal Scenarios Keep the Goat Rodeo Going Strong!

If wishes were horses, as the old proverb goes, all beggars would ride. Or, in the case of the incessant corporate drama around Yahoo: If wishes were deals, all bankers would get big fat fees. Even BoomTown has been harboring a big wish that there were some new scenario–instead of the same retreads that have been bandied about for more than a month–that was at least possible. But because making up scenarios about the fate of Yahoo is all fun and games, it goes on and on and on.

It's Now Official: Yahoo Hires Ross Levinsohn to Head Key Americas Unit

As BoomTown reported yesterday as likely, Yahoo has finally hired former News Corp. digital exec Ross Levinsohn. He replaces Hilary Schneider as EVP of the Americas region, the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s most critical unit. That means Levinsohn will be in charge of both Yahoo’s powerful media properties and also its advertising business. He just signed and here is the official Yahoo press release.

Exclusive: Yahoo Courts Former News Corp. Digital Exec Ross Levinsohn as U.S. Head

He’s baaaaaack. Former Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn, that is, who is the top candidate to replace Hilary Schneider as Yahoo’s U.S. head, according to several sources close to the situation. While the deal is not completely struck, sources said Levinsohn is very close to taking the job as the exec primarily in charge of Yahoo’s powerful media properties and giant advertising business.

Exclusive: Yahoo's Head of Mobile, North America Leaves, as U.S. Unit Reorgs

Today in Yahoo’s third-quarter earnings conference call, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said tersely of a flood of exec departures at the Silicon Valley Internet giant: “Some people leave, some get promoted and some good people arrive.” Yes, indeedy, and this afternoon, it was David Katz’s turn to say goodbye. He was Yahoo’s head of mobile in the U.S.

No Massive Reorg at Yahoo, But More Exec Departures (Plus the Schneider Goodbye Letter)

Sorry, folks, but–despite reports–Yahoo will not be unveiling another new organizational structure this week. In actuality, the beleaguered Internet giant is just cleaning up from last week’s shake-up–in which it announced that a chunk of its top media and sales leadership was leaving–as well as settling in new hires made in recent months by its relatively new product head, Blake Irving. In fact, those changes in Irving’s unit have resulted in the departure of two more execs. That would be former SVP of Media Products and Solutions Jeff Kinder and SVP for Cloud Computing Shelton Shugar, who are on their way out.

Exclusive: Yahoo Email Confirms Exec Departures With an Internal Memo From Bartz's “Foxhole” (Plus 8-K!)

Finally, a funny from Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, confirming what BoomTown reported yesterday about the departures of three top execs in an email memo to the company’s employees worldwide. It just went out and began: “Carol from the foxhole here.” Here’s the full memo, just sent by spy pigeon to the All Things Digital Bartz-fortified bunker.