Viral Video: A Holiday Song Medley That Isn’t Annoying

Genius: “You made me cook a Butterball/And then a green-bean casserole/And all you did was sit and watch football/And ignore all of your family.”

AOL Turns Moviefone Over to BermanBraun for Reboot

Press one for a much-needed overhaul of the service that still lives in 1999.

Viral Video: Daft Punk Rocking Out on Rosh Hashanah

We’re up all night to have fun.


Hulu Bids Depend on TV-Show Rights

The big media companies that created Hulu endowed the online video provider with arguably its most valuable asset: Access to the current seasons of hit network-TV shows.

Viral Video: Rolling First Round Style? Call Them Maybe.

Here’s the annual video lunacy from First Round Capital, which is always fun to watch, especially if it’s super awkward to see venture capitalists cavorting. Mission accomplished!

Viral Video: “Gangnam Style” Goes “Call Me Maybe”

Oppa copycats!

Exclusive: Twitter Eyeing Media Bigs, Including Hollywood Mogul Peter Chernin, for Board Seats

A little entertainment glamour along with the tweets?

Viral Video: 15-Year-Old Korean Girl Channels Adele

Just: Wow.

Viral Video: “Titanic” in 3-D Gets Facebook Lift

Its heart will go on — except this time in 3-D.