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Hulu Says It Has 5 Million Paying Subscribers and a Billion-Dollar Year

Hulu has 5 million subscribers for its Hulu Plus video subscription service, the company announced today. That’s up from three million a year ago, and four million at the end of April. The company also said it generated $1 billion in revenue this year – a number that outgoing CEO Andy Forssell projected in October.

Chromecast Adds Hulu to Its Modest App Collection

Google launched its Web TV device with four apps. Two months later, it adds another one.

Hulu Gets the Best Show on CBS

If you’re paying for Hulu Plus, you’re going to get “The Good Wife” starting Sunday.

Inside the Mysterious World of the Elusive Cord-Cutter!

Secrets revealed! For starters: Turns out that people who don’t pay for TV are happy to pay for TV.

Netflix Still Eats a Third of the Web Every Night; Amazon, HBO and Hulu Trail Behind

Everyone’s watching more video, on every device, everywhere. But no one is really cutting into Reed Hastings’s lead.

Yahoo’s Mayer Has Met with Hulu Execs in a Preliminary Look-See at Premium Video Unit

How much is the Silicon Valley Internet giant willing to spend on turbocharging its video prospects?

News Byte

Hulu Plus Hits Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has added another marquee app to its Windows Phone 8 catalog: Hulu Plus. The video service app debuted Monday on the Windows Phone store, offering streamed access to its catalog of TV shows and Criterion Collection films for an $8 per month subscription. The app’s lone Windows Phone customization: a Live Tile that updates with Hulu’s “hottest shows.” Still, a great addition to the Windows Phone app catalog which has been criticized for its lack of top-tier apps.

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Amazon Touts “Downton Abbey” Exclusive

Netflix isn’t the only streaming video service that wants your attention today: Amazon is announcing that it has purchased the exclusive streaming rights to “Downton Abbey,” which will kick in later this year. Both Netflix and Hulu Plus currently stream some episodes of the hit PBS series. Amazon’s deal had previously been reported by BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield.

Netflix Talks a Little Trash About the Competition

My catalog’s bigger than yours: After an earnings beat, a little chest-beating.

Hulu’s “Shark Tank” Problem