Tablet Shipments Soar as PC Slide Gets Steeper

The PC market’s bad news is the tablet industry’s good news.

Survey Says Mobile Gamers Prefer Kindle Fire Over Tablets With Google Play

But Android phones are still huge, and, thanks to the iPod touch, Apple is on top, overall.

iPad Market Share Slips Below 30 Percent

With no new iPads to drive sales, Apple’s share of the worldwide tablet market slipped to a new low in Q3.

Samsung to Developers: Come Play for the Biggest Team (And the One With TVs)

Samsung would like its leadership in smart TVs to help pull along its mobile platform — which is already huge among users, but not yet developers.

Back-To-School Season Disappoints as Q3 PC Sales Decline Again

Two research firms give their latest assessments of the PC market train wreck.

Apple Poised to Cash In on China Smartphone Boom

Once it inks that China Mobile deal.

Tablet Sales in Fourth Quarter Could Surpass PCs, With Annual Tablet Sales Set to Eclipse Computers by 2015

But smartphones still rule the roost when it comes to smart devices, projected to outnumber PCs and tablets combined by two to one by 2015.

Initial Wave of Tablet Demand Looks to Be Slowing

Ever so slightly.

Google Play Skates Into Second Place in Mobile Gamer Spending, Past Nintendo and Sony’s Handhelds

iOS is still in first place by a considerable margin, though.

Intel: The PC Market Isn’t a Train Wreck. No, Really.

The long-awaited upgrade cycle has to come someday, right? Right?