Nokia Finds Potential Profits in Mobile Market’s Low End

Keep it simple.

Google Glass, Workday and “WTF, Firefox OS?” — 10 Things You Need to See on AllThingsD This Week

A convenient roundup of the Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week.

The Netbook Is on Its Last Legs

Wait — people still buy netbooks?

Every Time You Buy a Tablet, an E-Reader Dies

The e-reader is “flaming out.”


Qualcomm Climbs Chip Ranks as Sector Sags

Qualcomm this year became the No. 3 chip maker, IHS iSuppli said Tuesday, in an annual revenue ranking that provides more evidence that it’s good to be a supplier of components for smartphones.

Consumers: Wait, What’s an Ultrabook?

IHS halves its 2012 Ultrabook shipment forecast, saying the ultrathin laptops havent yet won over consumers.

Apple’s iPhone 5 Is Pried Open and Its Profitable Secrets Start Bursting Out

Is Apple curtailing the parts it buys from Samsung? Maybe.

It’s Official: The Era of the Personal Computer Is Over

Long live personal computing.

A Peek at the Parts — And Profits — Inside Samsung’s Galaxy Note Tablet

Price at the store: $499.99. Cost to build: About $270. Profit margin: Slightly better than Apple’s.

iPhone Ranked Seventh in China’s Smartphone Market — Watch Out, ZTE

Apple still has a lot of work to do in China before the iPhone claims the same levels of market penetration it enjoys in the U.S.

Flat-Panel TV Sales Flatten in U.S.