One Sign Fears About Google Moving Into Travel Were Overblown

While Google is the go-to mapping service on mobile phones, the search giant did not score as high when it came to providing other travel services, such as flights and reviews.
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As Shares Trade Higher, Kayak CEO Says the IPO Went Exactly as Planned

“When we thought the time was right and the story would be well-received, we were ready, and that day was today,” says Kayak co-founder and CEO Steve Hafner.

Kayak Finally Set to Take the Plunge Into Uncertain Market

The online travel company hopes to raise as much as $100 million, to value it at nearly $1 billion.

Google, Amazon Are Potential Buyers for Deal Site Travelzoo

Travelzoo’s stock soared by nearly 30 percent today on news that the 14-year-old deals site is planning to sell itself.

Priceline’s Take on Google Entering the Friendly Skies

Priceline says it’s up to them to make the most of Google’s entry into the travel market.

Google Calls Justice Department Second Request on Motorola Deal “Pretty Routine” (If Four Percent Is Routine)

The acquisitive search giant plays the odds again in Washington, D.C., with handset purchase.

Kayak Updates IPO Filing to Acknowledge Google’s Entry Into Travel

Kayak has updated its IPO filing to include the disclosure that Google has entered the travel search market, which could prove to be a major competitor.

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Kayak Hires First-Ever CFO Ahead of Pending IPO

Six months after filing to go public, online travel service Kayak has gotten around to hiring its very first CFO: Bill H. Smith, previously VP of global finance for Novell, where he worked for 13 years. Earlier this year, Kayak’s plans faced a delay as the Justice Department examined (and ultimately okayed) Google’s acquisition of ITA Software, but the Norwalk, Conn.-based company is likely encouraged today by LinkedIn’s frothy IPO.

Kayak Brags It Already Does Today What Google Just Paid $700 Million For

Kayak didn’t let the opportunity pass by to poke fun at its biggest new competitor: It says it already does today what Google just paid $700 million to build.

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Google-ITA Software Acquisition Now Complete

The Justice Department approved the merger between Google and ITA Software on Friday, putting to rest a nine-month investigation. It took Google only another four days to officially close the $700 million acquisition. In an updated blog post yesterday, Google said the acquisition of ITA was now complete. Under the close eye of regulators, Google will now be able to tap into the Cambridge, Mass.-based company’s flight information software to create a new travel search vertical.