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Not the Singles Lady — Apple Says Beyoncé Album Breaks Record

Apple said the new self-titled album from music superstar Beyoncé had sold 828,773 copies since it was released exclusively by the iTunes Store three days ago. The company said that made it the fastest-selling album ever on the music-selling site. U.S. album sales totaled 617,213 for a work that included 14 new songs and 17 videos.

At 10, You Still Have Some Tricks, iTunes

For users puzzled over the finer points of iTunes, Katie offers some ways to improve how you use the digital-download source.

Online Entertainment That’s for the Taking

Deals on books, movies, music and more are available on most days, you just need to know where to look.

iTunes Gets an Upgrade Without Missing a Beat

The new iTunes 11 upgrade makes significant improvements to the world’s most popular computer program for buying and playing music and videos.

Apple Just Added 56 Countries’ Worth of New iTunes Customers

Apple doubles the iTunes Store’s international footprint.

Apple Sends iTunes Customers on One Infinite Loop

I Agree. I Agree. I Agree.

Not the iPad 3 or New TV — But Apple Planning Media-Related Event in the Big(ger) Apple This Month

Not the big one, but it’s an Apple event, so everyone will get excited anyway.

ITunes Music Update: Think Social, Not Streaming

Odds are very low that you’ll see a new cloud-based streaming music service from Apple next week. But a Facebook-friendly one is a different proposition.

Apple to Investors: You’re Welcome

Apple’s first quarter was a blowout, as was the one before it. So too is the company’s latest. Reporting second-quarter earnings after the bell Tuesday, Apple rolled out the big numbers once again. The company posted a profit of $3.07 billion on revenue that rose 49 percent to $13.5 billion.

Using the iPad as a Standalone Device

Readers ask about the iPad, the ThinkPad Edge and deleting cookies.

Uh, Hello? Cut-and-Paste!?!