Verizon Won’t Talk About Its Talks to Build a Netflix-Style Service. But It Is Definitely Talking.

Because pretty much everyone is talking about building their own Web video service. But like pay TV competitor Dish Network, Verizon seems to be taking the idea seriously.

Verizon Posts Solid Earnings, Buoyed by 2.3 Million iPhone 4 Sales

Verizon said it expects to gain market share on the wireless side throughout 2011, and named Lowell McAdam as CEO, effective Aug. 1.

Verizon Wireless Touts 4G Network, Shows Off Devices

Verizon showed off 10 devices coming in the first half of the year and said it will cover another 140 cities with the high-speed network by year’s end.

Verizon CEO Talks Up Faster Networks at CES

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is taking his turn on the Consumer Electronics Show stage on Thursday morning. His speech will follow an electronics-industry state of the union speech from trade organization head Gary Shapiro. Mobilized has live coverage in progress.

Who, Us? Netflix Says Its Customers Aren't Cord Cutters

Here is the standard cord-cutting formula: Tell your cable company to pound sand and replace it with an antenna, an Internet connection and a Netflix subscription. Except, says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, that’s not what his 19.6 million customers are doing. For now.

Report: Verizon Will Sell “Verizon-Ready” iPhone in 2011

So that “Verizon-ready” CDMA iPhone that Apple will begin mass-producing by the end of the year? Verizon will be selling it. This according to an updated version of the same Wall Street Journal story I pointed to Wednesday that says, explicitly, what the first version did not.

Apple Prepping Verizon-Ready CDMA iPhone for 2011 Launch [UPDATED]

Apple is reportedly building a CDMA version of its iPhone that may be headed to Verizon. “People briefed by Apple” tell The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to begin mass producing the device later this year with an eye toward a first quarter 2011 launch.

Pegatron About to Begin Building CDMA iPhone Verizon Hasn’t Yet Earned

Cue up those Verizon iPhone rumors once again: Industry sources are telling the occasionally reliable DigiTimes that Pegatron Technology will begin volume production of a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 in November.

QOTD: Verizon Hasn’t Earned the iPhone Yet?

“We don’t feel like we have an iPhone deficit. We would love to carry it, but we have to earn it. I can’t speak for Apple.”

— Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg on speculation that the carrier will soon add Apple’s iPhone to its handset lineup

Hey Cable Guys! Cord Cutting is Real, and It's a Problem, Says Verizon CEO

The party line from cable executives is that “cord-cutting” is a myth. Not so, says Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg. “Young people are pretty smart. They’re not going to pay for something they don’t need to.” Meanwhile, in iPhone news: Yes, he’d like to carry the iPhone.

Verizon Taps McAdam as Second-in-Command

Netflix Coming to the PS3