Facebook Jumps Past $40 as Mobile Numbers Surge

The Street believes in Facebook again.
Facebook stock cert

As Competition Heightens in Social, Stateside Users Still Stuck to Facebook

It may be nine years old, but the social giant is still a standby for U.S. users.

Bloomberg News Busted for Spying on Bankers

Big Bloomberg is watching you.

Maybe the Low-End iPhone Is Really a Mid-End iPhone

More speculation about a speculative device.

Zynga Underwriter J.P. Morgan Reduces Stake to Almost Zero

J.P. Morgan now owns less than half of a percent of the social games company.

Small Is Beautiful: Greycroft Partners Raises $175 Million in Third Fund

The New York- and Los Angeles-based firm said it wants to make sure its does not get caught up in the froth.

Yahoo Is Among Those Mulling a TVGuide.com Bid for About $20 Million

Kicking the tires of the entertainment listings, video and news site.

With Low Expectations for Q3, Wall Street Hoping for New Yahoo CEO Mayer to Shine a Light at End of Tunnel

And make sure it’s not an oncoming train.


iPhone 5 Sales Could Offer Big Boost to GDP

The iPhone 5, which Apple Inc. plans to release this week, could get credit for something Congress, the White House and Federal Reserve have struggled to do: Boost the U.S. economy in a measurable way.

Q: Can Facebook Shares Go Lower? A: How Well Can You Limbo?

Down and down it goes — and where it stops, nobody knows.

Fire Will Kindle Interest in iPad