Jane Lynch of “Glee” Makes a Surprise Appearance at D9 (Video)

Jane Lynch, the Emmy Award-winning star of the Fox show “Glee,” stood in for our mutual boss Rupert Murdoch to kick off D9 today.

Jane Lynch

Acting CEO of News Corp

Lynch, in a three-minute fictional stint as the acting CEO of News Corp--Murdoch had to miss his customary opening slot due to an engagement in China--told the audience she was making a few changes in the operation, including shuttering The Daily ("Never heard of it, never used it, so clearly I'll be shutting that down") and keeping Glenn Beck at Fox for one final role as a dying patient on "House."

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Missed the Emmys (and “Mad Men” + Jane Lynch)? YouTube Has You Covered. (Video)

Would have been even better if Alec Baldwin had been there, too, but we’ll take what we can get. Bonus: Many disclosures!
mad men emmy

Viral Videos: Emmy Spoofs and Preshow Funning

Here come the Emmys tonight, so enjoy our preshow video extravaganza.

Viral Video: ATD CEO Jane Lynch Is NOT Ellen DeGeneres

She is, though, hosting the Emmy Awards, which she nabbed after her stellar D9 gig.

Using Fox’s New Web TV Plan Isn’t as Hard as Being Waterboarded

Fox tells Web surfers how to get their not-really-free anymore Web TV. It’s not rocket science, but it’s going to take some work. Also: Hulu? What Hulu?

Viral Video: D9 Acting CEO Jane Lynch on the “R-Word”

“Glee” star Jane Lynch opened the ninth D: All Things Digital in a terrific bit of stand-up, posing as the acting CEO of News Corp. and making all kinds of comical proclamations. But one thing she thinks should not be made fun of are loaded “R-words” that denigrate those with intellectual disabilities, as you will see in this riveting PSA.

Jane Lynch of “Glee” Makes a Surprise Appearance at D9 (Video)

Jane Lynch, the Emmy Award-winning star of the Fox show “Glee,” stood in for our mutual boss Rupert Murdoch to kick off D9 today.

Here's the New OK Go Video You're Supposed to Love

Everyone likes OK Go’s videos. Which makes it my obligation to show you “White Knuckles,” the newest one, which has yet to actually go viral. If you like dogs and/or Target ads, you’ll definitely like this one.

Viral Video: Bieber Yourself–There's an iPhone 4 App for That!

NBC’s “Late Night” television talk show host Jimmy Fallon is pretty geeky, which is why he tried this sketch about new apps for the new Apple iPhone 4. Some are funnier than others, but BoomTown liked the “Bieber Yourself” app, inspired by the teen music heartthrob whose unfortunate haircut is well worth mocking.

Already an iPhone 4 Spoof–With Jane Lynch and Kassem G

Here’s a very funny iPhone 4 spoof by take180.com’s Electric Spoofalo that just went up on the Web. The new version of the popular Apple smartphone was just unveiled today by CEO Steve Jobs at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Called “Mac vs. Jane Lynch,” the spoof features BoomTown’s pal and “Glee” star–congrats to you and Lara on the hitching, btw!–and comic Kassem G.

MySpace Should Be Glee-ful About Hit Series Online Auditions (Plus Celebrity Video!)

The television hit, “Glee,” is one of News Corp.’s crown jewels of late, while its MySpace social networking site has struggled painfully to regain its once-hot momentum. Now MySpace is getting the benefit of the heat “Glee” is generating, by hosting the online auditions for the Fox television network show, which returns tonight after a short hiatus, as well as from a massive ad takeover of the site today. Will “Glee”–an online phenom in its own right, with more than four million song downloads so far–give MySpace a boost?