If I Could Have Just One Functionality From My Streaming Video Services, This Would Be It …

Downloading is dying, “streaming won,” and yet we are in a no-man’s-land of not always being connected.

Rafat Ali 2.0: Meet Skift, the Travel Industry’s Version of PaidContent

What do you do after you build and sell a pioneering digital media start-up? Take two years off, and start building another media star-tup.

“Saturday Night Live” Figures It Out

Remember when the show couldn’t figure out what to do when Lazy Sunday became a YouTube hit? Now it’s using the Web to show what didn’t even get to TV.


How Will Facebook’s Zuckerberg Adapt to Working in the Public Eye?

Brandee Barker, Anil Dash, Jason Hirschhorn and Robert Scoble reflect on how Facebook’s shy wunderkind will perform as the head of a publicly traded company.


With Siri TV, Apple Will Dismantle the TV Networks

Though it’s currently only embedded in the new iPhone 4S, Siri could eventually change the face of the TV industry.

Digital Marketing Start-Up Thismoment Raises $7.3 Million From Sierra Ventures

Another day, another pile of funding for a social marketing start-up.


You Sold Your Company, What Did You Buy First? Here’s What I Did.

Having some money all of a sudden is a weird thing. I’ve always wondered what entrepreneurs do when they hit it. What do they buy, if at all?

Is There a Myspace Mafia, Too? Because Leaving Seems to Have Paid Off for Many Ex-Execs.

When the selling of Myspace winds down in the next week or so, it’ll probably attract a spate of comments about what a failure the whole social networking enterprise turned out to be. That is, unless you think of the mob of former execs who have worked at the company over time, many of whom have moved on to some more golden opportunities after leaving Myspace.

Maybe Cord Cutting Isn't Here Yet. What About Cord Shaving?

Maybe cable subscribers aren’t dumping their service in favor of Netflix, Hulu, etc. But maybe they’re cutting back on HBO and Showtime. A new study says Web TV watchers are behind an eight percent drop in premium cable subs.

The Anti-EBay? Yardsellr Closes $5 Million Series A Round

Yardsellr is announcing today that it has closed a $5 million Series A funding round led by Accel Partners. Harrison Metal, which is run by investor Michael Dearing and gave the social listings and transactions site seed financing last year, also participated in the round. Yardsellr says it uses “social plumbing to power all interactions between buyers and sellers, although users create listings and consummate transactions.” Welcome to eBay, Facebook-style!

Owen Van Natta Out at MySpace