Scale Venture Partners Invests $11 Million in PubNub Series B

A real-time network behind thousands of mobile apps.

“Just a Reflektor” Brings You and a Smartphone Into Arcade Fire’s Latest Video

Time to find a quiet room where you can blast the music and wave your phone around at your computer in peace.

Ex-Zynga Manager Lo Toney Appointed CEO of Khosla’s LearnStreet

In October, Toney stepped down from Zynga, where he was general manager of Zynga Poker.

Pulse Builds Snazzy Web App With Help From Microsoft

The team behind newsreader Pulse built an HTML5 Web app that feels more like a native mobile app, with tricks like smoothly resizing as a browser’s window size changes.

Meteor Open Source Project Gets $11.2M Led by Andreessen Horowitz

Meteor is an open source framework that promises to help developers quickly build rich and responsive applications using JavaScript.

Image2Play Connects Images to the Videos They Came From (Demo at AsiaD)

Image2Play, which demoed today at AsiaD, attempts to bring images taken from movies back to life by reconnecting them with the movies from which they originate — all in your Web browser.

Ahead of iPad 2 Launch, Apple Releases iOS 4.3 in All of Its Hotspot Glory

Cupertino issues the OS update ahead of its original plan, which would have had it out on Friday. The update brings faster Web browsing and improved media streaming to the iPad and recent iPhone and iPod Touch models. For iPhone 4 users, it will also add the ability to act as a portable hotspot–a feature already present on Verizon models.

RIM Is Counting on Web Tools to Help BlackBerry and PlayBook Appeal to Developers

The Canadian phone maker heads to San Francisco to sell press and analysts on its developer strategy, not to mention give the press another brief glimpse at the forthcoming PlayBook tablet.


How's Your HTML5? App Skills in Demand

imes are good for Web- and mobile-application developers. The number of online listings containing the keywords “HTML5,” “Mobile app,” and “Android,” have skyrocketed over the past year, making them the fastest growing keywords in jobs posted online, according to data tracked by jobs search engine


Thinking Outside the Dropbox with Minus–A New Image-Sharing Tool

Friction: It keeps our shoes on, it’s a buzzword at product meetings and UX conferences and it’s the sticking force that keeps money in people’s pockets. So, reducing it can mean changing the game for an entire arena–just look at eBay’s PayPal and Netflix. Minus, a sharing service currently limited to images, mixes some HTML5 and cutting-edge Javascripting to lower the friction in online image sharing about as far as it can go without eliminating the drag-and-drop.

Chrome: The End of Desktop Apps

Google’s Chrome OS: “It Just Works”

Snow Leopard Ships Aug. 28

You Can Lead a Geek to Water…